Let’s know what is the advantageous and disadvantageous you will get to use of Custom Rom in your phone.

For Android open source the developers can collect the code of Android Operating System and after that different facilities you can add or changing of those codes as you wish and can make an image of operating system their own which is used on Tablets or Smart Phones. There are many Android gick those are used there Customize Rom (Custom Rom) made by the developers and they always give importance Custom Rom to than the Google official or Stock Rom. But why? Certainly they have used Custom Rom for some extra advantageous. Let’s discuss some advantageous and disadvantageous today’s Blog in Custom Rom.
Get of Latest updated edition of Android: Most of the users uses ‘Custom Rom’ for this reason, There are Many Smart Phone Manufacturer institution those are not Publish update of their Operating System of Devices. Moreover, many institutions band their Smart Phone update of old model for Popularize of New Model. Moreover the usurers wait months after months for those devices which devices get new update. If you have an old Android Smartphone so that the manufacturer institution of this Smart Phone band Publishing of update But you want to use some update edition of Android, in this Connection Custom Rom can help to you. Consideration of Custom Rom Cyanogens mod is very popular. Because in this Custom has their own Ticks and in fact their system has no difference with the stock Version of Google. All Interface almost similar.
You can visit this link if you don’t know about Cyanogens Mod, here discussed some interesting fixture of Cyanogens Mod. So that this way Custom Rom help’s you to get of latest Android edition, In that case if you are using such type of device who get update continuously such as. Nexus device of Google, In that case you have no need to defend upon Custom Rom.
To change of look of the Manufacturer Institution: Almost all the Institution of Smart Phone manufacturer add their own look or Interface by modify clean look of Google during marketing time of their Smart Phone which is complicated to many persons. 
Though many of them dislike this Modified Look, among them, whose wants to use Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC-1 like flags his Device? They involved with modified looks of this manufacturer Institution. Having with you can do simple change to that look sassily not to root only install any normal browser to your Browse simply. But in that case there is no change of system and you cannot enjoy the stock look of Google completely. You must be use Custom Rom if you want to use stock interface of Google completely. In that case, if you pleased to look of devices or use of Nexus devices those are used stock interface of Google from at first, then this point is not useful or you.
Free from Bolt ware: When you purchase a new smart phone from a shop and boot first then you saw its Manu some necessary applications except some unnecessary applications. These called bolt ware. Many of these bolt ware are install in your internal memory of device which is not possible to uninstall normally. These unnecessary bolt ware is not used by you have possession to the storage disk of your Smart Phone unnecessarily. If you want to use a system that is completely free from trouble, in that case Custom Rom is model. Because when custom prepared then it is remember. So that it will be Efficient from all side. This is why unnecessary bolt ware not found in Custom Rom. You can say not to make trouble, disable this app. If you wishes can disable to see, but for that the application is inactive, your disks of device not free.
Disadvantage uses of Custom Rom: These Custom Rom gives the usurer different type of facilities, But these ROMs may not (100%) hundred percent perfect and moreover the usurer may be faced various downside too- Such as,
01. Problem of Battery life: If the Custom Rom used by you not optimized to your device in that case it is able to drain your Battery device, So quick which may be more to your official stock Rom.
02. Issue of Hardware: If a Custom Rom properly not support all hardware of your device then you may be faced various hardware. Among these less of different type None Functioning is very common problem. Device of camera may be not able to preserve quality picture of formerly.
03. Other Bags: As Custom ROMs are not proven through Google or the device manufacturer institution, so it is very natural to it contains various Bugs. So as a result of use of Custom Rom you may be faced various types of instability or suddenly App-Force closing.

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