Let’s see how you can setup feedburner Google for your website using your own domain name?

Feed burner feed for your website:

RSS feed is important for any website. It is possible to subscribe RSS feed through email. For website heavily using feed is that Google feed burner. It provides huge extra advantage such as provide chance to count subscriber and email tune subscriber. The feed burner of the Google is like as http://feedburner.google.com/feedname. But you can setup Google feed burner using your own domain. I show you how to setup this. After accomplishing setup, your feed burner feed link is like as http://feeds.yourdomain.com/yourfeed

Follow following steps to setup branded feed:

– First go to this link.
– Here you can see CNAME Record.
– Copy this record.
– Login your domain hosting and go to DNS Zone Editor.
– Now add new CNAME Record. As a record you must provide previous CNAME Record and as a    name you must give feeds.
– Now a new sub domain has been made which is like as feeds.yourdomain.com.
– Now go to feed burner tab and add sub domain in new feed domain.
– Now click active button.
– Here preparing branded feed URL for your website. It takes 24 hours depending on your host.

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