Live text instead of yahoo mail text

In the era of what’s app, Skype or VIBER, Yahoo mail text messenger is now very rare at present. But last 10 decade most of the internet users preferred yahoo messenger for chatting. It was the familiar medium for the user. To return the old good days now a new version has come instead of yahoo messenger and it is the video chatting app, which will help the user to communicate easily with his friends. It has been claimed that it can be seemed during chatting users sit by his friend. So this app is called live text.
Live text
According to the times of Indian report, live text is one kind of video messenger which has been started in this year. During chatting through this app user can see his friend live. As well as video user can chat with his friend. There is no any type of audio feed. At present this app only has been started in Hong Kong.  Kong tunes want without using new app, only live text brings a new system in communication. Here beside chatting user can see the activities of the friend without any sound at live. The officials of the yahoo said to the technology based website tech crunch, “we hope by using our new product the business people will be benefited. We can’t tell anything against this app.” Yahoo also claims that it will not come as a substitute of other app or a new app. It leads the user gadget as a new method of communication. The producer of the app wants not only type, but also user can see the feel of others during the communication that’s why the issue becomes more enjoyable. The producer also says, “Our objective is very easy”. We want, besides chatting user can see the expression of the user. It also provides the live feel anyone. We will not keep any type of audio, because in the fastest world it is very unnecessary to keep audio. But in this app user can’t chat as like as Skype. Because using Skype user can get the facility of group chat where in live text app user can’t get this facility. Users can text only one user. It has no option or facility for video calling as like as VIBER, Skype or face time.  There is an option to open an account when the users open ID in live text. It will also find your friends according to your address book.

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