Lotus notes problems and solutions guide

Lotus notes problems and solutions guide is used amongst enterprise level of users mostly. The client is not just an email platform built for communication purpose, but a complete integration of different applications including, spreadsheets, database, document, journal, etc.
Being a heavily programmed application, it is certain for Notes to face issues in its working. Therefore, this blog shares the top 5 errors that are commonly surfaced by IBM Notes users while working with the program. Get the complete know-how about errors of Lotus Notes & their solution.
The error is most common of all and is encountered whenever the user sets default set of settings for signing their emails. This setting in Notes is assigned with the help of an existing Notes ID Public Key Infrastructure. The client here signs messages for other recipients (using Notes themselves) using their respective public keys. When the messages are sent over Internet, these keys do not happen to work. Therefore, in a likewise case it is needed that the user integrate X.509 certificate within the respective Notes ID. The public keys are not so commonly issued to people not needing them thus this occurrence is not so common. This is why when the client signs internet message the error occurs because it is unable to find the certificates.
Solutions: The only way to get rid of this error is to make changes to the setting applied for signing messages by default. If this fails to work, refer the dialog box that appears on the error.
IBM Notes versions 6.5.6 is not compatible with StdR7Mail and vice versa thus leading to this error. The error happens when R7 template for design is used with an R6 client.
Solutions: The best thing to do in such a case is to delete the local replica. Then update the mail file on server with the help of an R6 template for mail for R6 installation of Notes client. Once done, replicate the same back to the respective use’s machine and your problem shall be resolved.
Lotus Script code is the cause behind occurrence of this error at the time when it finds out an invalid object handle for any database. The occurrence is usually based on the server, i.e. if server along with or file path individually happen to be incorrect. This could even happen if the current machine is unable to start a connection with destination server. In addition, no access to opening target database is also one of the causes.
Solutions: The possibility of multiple reasons being responsible for the error makes the key solution in finding out where exactly the problem is to take respectively correct measures.
The issue is probable to occur in Notes Domino R6 too as it enables the database on one server to access the database of another server from the background. Lotus Domino prior to version R6 had no protocol in support of this.
Solution-: Thus, the only solution is to open the Domino server document consisting of the target database. This should be done either on Note Domino version R6 or R7. Moreover, you can also try naming the server having web service to the field ‘Trusted Servers’ on the tab named ‘Security’.
As disk storage capacity became economical, the usage of Notes Shared Mail declined and this error is referred to the usage of the same. Moreover, the need of exertion for cleaning up is a challenge hard to undertake and extremely expensive too. The error takes place whenever Notes document (that a user is wanting to access) is unavailable in the object store of Domino.
Solutions: Solution underlies in executing the database’s ‘Collect’ task.
Observation: Notes is a heavily built and programmed application, which is clearly not just meant for communication but for other major tasks to be executed. However, any malfunction straightaway and majorly affects the communication itself in different forms. Therefore, the provided above list of errors are the ones that are commonly encountered by users. Thus, a solution for each problem has been provided along with the factual explanation regarding its occurrence. Implement the suggested solutions as directed in the above blog for errors of Lotus Notes & their solution along with proper precautionary measures taken, just in case any mistake is undertaken. If you want to get rid from Lotus Notes and want to export entire items of Lotus Notes then you can choose the best tool i.e. NSF to PST Converter which carries all you Lotus Items in Outlook efficiently.

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