Mark Zuckerberg co-founder facebook & Mark zuckerberg and facebook

The business man, cofounder of facebook mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born in may 14, 1984 at New York Dobbs ferry in a happy and an educated family. The father of Mark Zuckerberg, Edward Zuckerberg performs as a dentist beside his house and the mother of Mark Zuckerberg was four children and they were mark, RANDI, DONNA and Arielle. Before their birth she performs as a psychological doctor. Mark Zuckerberg was a great inclination about computer when his age was 12. Then at the age of 12 he was prepared a news program and its name was “ZUCKNET” through using Atari BASIC. The father of Mark Zuckerberg had been used this program in his office so that the receptionist can concern him about new patient without yelling. All the members of Mark Zuckerberg family use his program for communication. Mark Zuckerberg is made computer game for only fun. 
Seeing the inclination about the computer of MARK ZUCKERBERG, his father keeps a home tutor who’s named was DAVID NEWMAN. David NEWMAN works with Mark Zuckerberg only weeks of a day. Then Mark Zuckerberg first Exeter academy, an exclusive New Hampshire was starting his study in preparatory school. There Mark Zuckerberg showed his skill and became the class captain. He became competent in literature and earned a diploma on classic. But Mark Zuckerberg was a great inclination about computer and carried on to prepare new program. When Mark Zuckerberg was at college, he prepared a Pandora that was music software which was the first version of synapse. Without AOL and Microsoft, many other organizations showed eagerness to buy this but he refused.
In 2002 after completing graduation from Exeter, ZUCKERBERG entered his name in Harvard University.
During the second annual foundation of his ivy league, MARK ZUCKERBERG became famous as a go to campus software developer. That time he prepared a program called course match that helps the students to select their class according to the course. Mark Zuckerberg also produced FACEMASH there voted an attractive picture and it was two students of the campus and the compare of picture about approved user. This program became very famous but the school authority closed this program.
The three students of his prior project DIVYA NARENDRA, and twins Cameron and Tyler WINKLEVOSS, prepared a social network site. This site was prepared using the information from the Harvard students’ network to prepare a dating site. Zuckerberg wants to help this project. But he discarded it very quickly and added his friend Dustin MOSKOVITZ, Chris Hughes and Eduardo SAVERIN to prepare a social network. Mark Zuckerberg and his friends were prepared a site where the approved user can upload their photo, own profile and communicate with others. First the dorm room of Harvard the site was continued till 2004 as a “the facebook”. After the second years Zuckerberg left the college and went to Palo Alto, California to give huge time for facebook. At the end of 2004 the user of facebook was 1 million.
In 2005 MARK ZUCKERBERG got a huge capital from ACCEL network.
ACCEL network provides this capital for the students of Ivy League. The company of zuckerberg gives right to other school, college and other international school more than 5.5 million and gets member ship in 2005. Other company starting communication that wants advertize with famous social hub. Zuckerberg don’t want to sell this so that mark zucerberg was refused the proposal of yahoo And MTV Network Company rather Mark Zuckerberg told about the site development and assigned to the developer and added more features.
The performance of Zuckerberg is going well but in 2006 Mark Zuckerberg faces a great stumble in his business. Harvard connection creator claimed that Mark Zuckerberg was stolen their idea and the software developer claimed their loss. These two social networks was based on different principle after that the lawyer inspected the record of Mark Zuckerberg, the instant incriminating news announced that Mark Zuckerberg pillaged the Harvard connection and the providing the facebook user about personal information. After that Mark Zuckerberg feel sorry for incriminating news and regretted. Mark Zuckerberg said, “If your service is going to a strong position and people keep more trust on that then is it needed to get full right?”  In New York interview Mark Zuckerberg said, “Now I am an aged man and I have learned many things.”
Mark Zuckerberg faces other personal challenge in 2009 by the book of “the accidental billionaires” written by Ben MEZRICH. MEZRICH was greatly denounced for this and in his writing he showed the whole biography of Mark Zuckerberg by using imaginative dialogue and imaginative alphabet. But this life story is true. Mark Zuckerberg went to the strong opposition about the story of this film. According to Forbes newspaper, the value of Zuckerberg was 6.9 million. Mark Zuckerberg has been living in a house with CHANG at Palo Alto, California.  In 2011 this conjugal changed their status and gave “in a relationship”.  

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