Microsoft updates: In October new miracle is opened by microsoft open business

All the miracles of Microsoft in 2015 are not end. Last month Microsoft inaugurated windows 10 and in October this tech giant is planning to come in new miracle. Technological based website china called WPDUG claims that Microsoft may be published four devices at a time.
These are two LUMIA flagship handset, tab surface4 and wearable band “band 2”. Technological based website the verge says about this. Recently the two flagship of LUMIA has been flashed in website. 
microsoft updates
In this regard the inclination of the user is highest. At tab surface 4 remains various types of update and wearable band that is performed as a fitness sticker as well as notification device. In this band you will get all types of notification of windows, IOS and android device. But when the Microsoft marketed the product at a first time some apathy has been seen to the Microsoft but now they are upgraded this band and marketed.
It has been assumed through an event Microsoft announced about these devices. WPDUNG says in this year more than one devices have been coming. It may be a thin XBOX. Technological related most of the researcher say that without surface4 other surface inauguration program may be announced.
Last year with the announced of surface3 another surface mini would have come. But after the inauguration of some time it has been canceled. But in October there are some rumors to come some surface at a time. But passing all of this the main central point is that two flagship handset. LUMIA 950 and LUMIA 950 XL specifications have been disclosed already and according to flagship handset it will ready to challenge other flagship handset. But user also assumes that in these two set their present windows 10.
So the LUMIA lovers are waiting eagerly to get this new handset. Some rumor has been occurring that some changes have been coming in surface more than other version. Changes may at display size and resolution. Even it may thin in size. At surface keyboard there is highly possibility to fingerprint scanner.

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