Microsoft will launch android phone & microsoft upcoming phones 2017

Microsoft is now preparing android based phone discarding its own windows operating system. Microsoft is not talking about this plan but in technology world people are whispering about this plan. Microsoft is unable to compete with the android market and IOS. Recently from MS nerd account, Microsoft claimed that this plan had been disclosed in twitter. There say that the chief executive of Microsoft named NADELA and the higher officials of Microsoft decide to skip windows from smartphone and tab.
As well as recently Microsoft has decided to retire the chief of stiffening elopes from the hardware department. The chief executive of Microsoft says that Microsoft is going to concentrate their main business. Now Microsoft provides importance on software and cloud services. The market researcher says that retire off the elope forces Microsoft to decrease hardware and show eagerness in the software business. Under the supervision of eloping device, group has been directed as a unity of Microsoft windows.
The market researcher says that last year spending 720 corners us dollar Microsoft bought the unit of NOKIA mobile handset and Microsoft faces a great loss from this and Microsoft capture only 3% market. The market researcher of FBR thinks that the idea to buy NOKIA is a burden for the Microsoft. Now, what is done by Microsoft?
Instead of windows phone Microsoft preloads its own apps and supply the market. That twit claims that Microsoft creates an agreement with Samsung and dell. Under this agreement the android phone of Samsung and dell, the apps of the Microsoft will preload.MS nerd claims that a debate has been going between the senior officials of Microsoft and NADELA. Most of the officials say that rather than preparing windows phone and tab, it is very beneficial for the Microsoft to improve service for the android.
The technology researchers say that it is very difficult to believe Microsoft will skip preparing windows phone. But the executive of Microsoft says, “In which sectors of Microsoft will not work properly, Microsoft will take necessary steps for those sectors. In this case, there is some logic to stop preparing windows phone. Because of a long period windows phone is not competing with android and IOS.

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