Mobile can be charged from router & wifi charging how it works

Using technology tab and smart phone can be charged through wireless way. Us technology specialist claim that they can escape user from wired cable by inventing wireless charging system and it has been approximately 30 feet. The researcher of Washington University performs about “power over WIFI” that has been used as a wireless charger and there is no need of cord. The researcher of VAMSI TALLA says the infrastructure of the WIFI has become remain. Using this system it is enough to create practical application.
Using access point WIFI router, the device of Power over WIFI can convert radio frequency to direct current. But there is no need to attach extra hardware. The technological fault is that the highest power limitation of the router. The researchers are able to remove this problem.
The researcher operates their research using this technology. In this experiment using WIFI from 17 feet remote place possible to charge phone through router and it is wireless based. But main point is that we can use router to charge phone as well as browse internet.

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