Networking basics concepts & Networking basics tutorial

Networking basics concepts & Networking basics tutorial:
In our daily life we are hearing about network. The term network indicates that it is the systems through which you can share information or perform multitask such as the post office and it supply the letter across the world. For this task the post office has network across the world. The network has presence in their all office and they maintain some rules and regulations.
Without network the function of the post office is valueless. Not only post office but also if we think about courier service, they perform their task through network and they are connecting their other branch through network. As a result they transfer goods from one district to another.
networking basics

The main concept of the network:
To facilitate our daily necessary task we are using network. When the two computers come to the network then we can share our valuable resources. Here resources indicate information or hardware device. The storage information of one computer we can see from other computer if that information is sharing and allowing permission. The hardware device related to pc such as printer, CD-ROM drive, hard disk space etc can share with other pc. That means if your network has printer then other machine can use it. It is the main benefit of the network so that most of the users using network. Not only hard disk or device but also give emphasize in data sharing.
Before using network:
Before using network there is no benefit to share data from one PC to another PC. Suppose you are preparing word document file from any PC and those PC has no printer. As a result to print this document you must go other PC which has a printer. To bring this file in printer related PC usually floppy disk has been used. From first computer this file convert to the floppy file and send second PC and print from second PC. This process creates some trouble for the user. Using floppy and transfer file from one PC to another PC called SNEAKERNET. To escape from SNEAKERNET problem device has been attached with every computer. But it is very expensive.

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