10 most important wordpress tips and tricks for beginners

I do not think much about Word Press have to give any lectures or contacts. In the last few years, all of the Word Press content management software (CMS) is a rapidly left behind. Every day thousands of websites coming under the flag of Word Press. But you know what? Almost all of the thousands of websites, websites use some urgent work to do in the face of danger. And today’s post with these emergency funds.
Keep in mind, if your site is to install Word Press in the previous, then you should do 10! If not, your site may be in danger, or could be in trouble, or may be site and heavy, you will not feel it, but the slow speed visitors understand bones. If you’re coming down to the big speech.
WordPress setup

1. Delete

Alas! What? As soon as I install, delete, and now? Or worse? Brother, okay. Word Press after installing some of the things you should be removed. I really do.
A. First, you need to delete the default admin name. This means that in general, the username is the time to install WordPress, admin. And that’s almost everyone kept. It’s a mistake. While the hackers will try to hack, he will try first with the admin username. Because almost everyone is using it. So if your admin username is an admin, delete it immediately. What to do? Easy to say Applejack. Please, login with the admin username. Then Users> Add New to going to a new administrator account, the username will be anything other than admin. Then login with the account, and the Users> All Users go to the delete the admin account. Became diameter.
B. Sign into your hosting panel control File manager license.txt from the readme.html file and delete two. This file keeps all the information about the two versions of your current Word Press. Allowing hackers or understands that it is a problem that can have the security of the site.
C. To delete unused themes and plugins. However, do not delete anyway. After talking about it. Delete the unused themes and plugins.
2. Permalink Structure Change
Permalink Structure of the text of a site / page links, including what sort of style. Some of the links example of this.
See, here’s a link to one of a kind style. Permalink Structure your site in this way will determine what will happen to you. However, the English name is usually the name of the URL of the post as well. Be careful, however, when Bengali. In many cases, in many places, including Bengali, share links on Facebook, just like the works. Permalink Structure of the most popular includes: http://example.com.bd/%postname%/%post_id%/
It is for you to Settings; Permalinks will go.
3. Turn Akismet plugin
This is why we said earlier that at Akismet can not delete. Word Press is installed with the way it’s built. It is active on the site if you have one if any Trackback spam and spam comments will be deleted instantly. You do not have to think of any kind. And if it can activate the Plugins> Installed Plugins Active and click go. A free registration to the site and would recommend them. Active with an API code choose your Akismet and stayed safely.
4. Upload themes
After install Word Press theme, you should upload a. And it should already be correct. He always paid for the use of the theme to use the theme. Usually, there are a lot of problems by the theme music, is used more and more, and is updated less. But the funds paid theme, which is updated all the time, and the issue continues with the work of repairing. Overall, they were selling a little less like your site and the design of the site itself, you may not see much, but the design of the site has seen lots of rate Functions.php stake on the work.
5. Header (wp_head) away from the Word Press Meta Information
Default is the way Word Press some Meta information. For example WordPress version, RSD links and link Windows Live Writer. Nobody actually does not work without them the hacker. Why, then, should this code? Copy and paste the code below to remove the on-rays functions.php.
remove_action (‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);
remove_action (‘wp_head’, ‘rsd_link’);
remove_action (‘wp_head’, ‘wlwmanifest_link’);
6. Header (wp_head) to remove the excess feed link
Maine feed, comment feed, the single post feed, the feed of the category, including the archives of feed alone made the extra feed WordPress alone. Search engine shot out of the feed does not account for the additional feed never shot. They should have it removed. Feed feed of Maine’s useful to remove the excess funds to feed copy and paste the following code on functions.php.
Remove action (‘wp_head’, ‘feed_links’, 2);
Remove action (‘wp_head’, ‘feed_links_extra’, 3);
7. Error funds to hide or remove the WordPress login
To legal Word Press username is usually the wrong one, then an Error Word Press shows that, ERROR: Invalid username. You might think that it is very good, but it’s not. As it will help your users, hackers will help him more. Any user may try to do so because they cannot get the name, you can then attack the password. So the following code to refrain from using the login Show Error.
functionthemepacific_login_errors () {
return ‘Nice Try !! Go Away !! ‘;
add_filter (‘login_errors’, ‘themepacific_login_errors’);
WordPress core files, and so do.HTACCESS
8. Prevent users can access the folder structure of your Word Press
Users folder is usually the same as your computer can access your Word Press folders, access all of your files, so they can easily be found. For example example.com/wp-content/uploads/ folder when you upload all your photos, videos, audio, and other files, they can be seen. Should you stop it. There are two ways to do it.
A. Wp-contents of the folder with the folder is a file named index.PHP, the index.php file in the folder, a blank was made.
B. This process is actually a bit complicated, but it’s easy to see. Moreover, a little mistake can crash the site. Age home directory, so it will take a backup of the .htaccess file. Backup open the .htaccess file by adding the following code will be required.
Options All -Indexes
9. Turn off the post revision
Each post has a copy of the old version of WordPress, allowing your database is too big. It’s a problem for your site. So from the old version to the wp-config.php file, copy the following code to became day.
Define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);
10. WP Core Files and delete the Google Indexing Scripts
Google along with other search engines to easily crawl and index the script file with all of your theme can. Which may be bad for your site’s SEO can be reduced. So you should protect these sites from file index. Open the file from the home directory of Word Press .robots.txt Copy the following code.
User-agent: *
Disallow: / wp-admin /
Disallow: / wp-includes /
Disallow: / wp-content / themes /
Disallow: / wp-content / plugins /

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