No one knows about you but google knows about me!

You are using Google everyday. But do you know Google knows about you.  Many of your personal matter Google knows if anyone doesn’t knows about me!!
Let’s know what Google knows about you…..
·         Google shows advertisement in various websites. Which advertisement published you in which time that depends on your proper utilize of Google. Suppose you search on Google about “Teletalk”. At that time when you visit other sites then you can show “Grameen phone” advertisement. In such case Google collects your search history and prepare a profile for you as well as show advertisement which is related to you. You can easily stop it. Just visit
·          If you are the user of android and Gmail account then you can sign in through Google. In this case Google can get your all location history. When and where you go this information Google may know. Please enter the following link:
·      Google knows about your personality. Google knows about you those things that your family members don’t know. Google saves all the history that you search in Google. Searching history you can see this link:
·         Do you see video in YouTube? What, when and how many times you see the video Google knows everything. The following link will help you:
·         Most of the times we allow different apps to use Google account. These apps collect our individual information. Which apps use your information to see this just visit following link:
·  You can download all files that you store in the Google. Just visit this link:

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