NSF file format for Merge & lotus notes

NSF file format for Merge & lotus notes of the emails client mostly used by professionals for emailing, calendaring & task scheduling purposes. The file created by Lotus Notes is called Notes Storage Facility (NSF) file that stores emails, calendars, contacts, journals etc.
Due to daily work on Lotus Notes email client, users face problem using single NSF file that is why they need to archive their important mails or data items in several other NSF files. Management of old and new NSF files may require users to merge their files in single NSF file. The blog will be discussing the software, NSF Merge that can join and merge multiple Lotus Notes NSF files into one NSF file and how it works. 
Need to Merge NSF Archive
Lotus Notes Archive data or Archive File are separate NSF file that user use to store the archives mailbox messages. Archive process includes copying old Lotus Notes mails into the different location on the system, which means a Lotus Notes user can generate multiple NSF files used for archiving the messages. Archiving is done if the Lotus Notes is running out of space or faces fewer memory issues in order to enhance the performance of Lotus Notes and to free up space. However, there are several scenarios where the Lotus Notes users need to merge their multiple NSF files together into a single file. Some of them are stated below:
  • When there are multiple NSF files of a Lotus Notes Account where we need to search a particular mail present among the several NSF files, One thing we can do is merge all the multiple files together into one and easily find the desired mail. It gives easy access to data present in multiple NSF files saving our time.
  • When we have our old data in one NSF File and our new data in another NSF File, we can combine both the contents of two NSF files together by merging. Hence, management of different databases becomes easy.
  • When we need to merge different NSF Files in single NSF and keep the file as a common backup file. This backup file may be used in future for reference.
  • When we have more than one archived NSF file of an account, we can merge all the archived NSF files to access it from a common NSF file for easy management. 
Why Merge NSF
As there is no manual method for merging multiple Lotus Notes NSF files together into one, we need third party application tools like NSF Merge to do the same. The tool provides three merging options- Join, Merge, and Merge contacts. The Join option will join the multiple NSF files creating the different folder for each NSF file with its components intact. The Merge option is used to merge the similar folders of multiple NSF Files into a single folder and Merge Contacts option is used to merge contacts of different NSF files into a single file. The software is capable of removing duplicate data items from each PST file saving unnecessary space and can include/exclude deleted items folders while merging NSF files. 
Procedural Steps for using NSF Merge
Below are the steps to learn how to use the software:
  1. To Launch the software, Go to Start > All Programs >NSF Merge. A new window of NSF Merge will appear like this. 
  2. Click ‘Add File’ button to add the Lotus Notes NSF files you want to merge or join. There are two options i.e. Join and Merge.
  3. After adding NSF files, the user can choose among the two merge options. TheJoin operation on NSF Merge Software provides one advanced option to filter the Exclude Deleted Items.
  4. The Merge operation of NSF Merge software allows the user to use both the advanced options i.e. Remove duplicates and Exclude Deleted Items.
  5. After selecting one option for merging NSF files, we will browse location for the folder to save the merged NSF File and Click OK. Select Merge NSF Files or Join NSF files according to the option chosen earlier. 
  6. The merging process will begin and progress of the process can be monitored with the live status of combining NSF files.
  7. Once it is successfully completed, a pop-up window will appear and click OK. 
  8. To exit the NSF Merge software, click Yes.
In the blog, we have thoroughly discussed the Lotus Notes NSF file and several scenarios when the user needs to merge multiple NSF files associated with the same account. It further acknowledges reasons why merging different NSF files into a common NSF file is required. As Lotus Notes does not support manual method of merging NSF files, a reliable third party tool NSF Merge has been suggested. The later part of the blog explains the detailed steps of the working of the same software. 

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