On page seo techniques & tips for seo

We’ll talk about that today, it is On page seo techniques. Surely you all know what SEO is and why. So I’m not going to explain it so I went straight to the main Topics.
What is Own SEO?
SEO is SEO optimized pages won. So that the change in the site.
Commonly known as the on page SEO. SEO Won in Item 7 of this tune we needed to know about the subject. Let’s start.
  on page seo techniques
The use of title tags:
 Title tags are the first to come to any Google search by entering. 
Some of the website with the keyword to your search. That means that the keyword (search by keyword, which means that if you Google) did the search by entering the title tag and the websites heading used as the site of the on page SEO your posts or target Title tags and keywords so that websites Heading (h1) of the beginning.
Using SEO friendly URL’s:
And what SEO friendly URL’s words. Example: www.site.com/123/23/post2 (SEO on friendly URL).

Example at the top of the URL that was SEO hopefully fairly Understand. SEO URL’s the main thing about your selected keyword your site’s URL or the link to the post or is in. The use of multimedia. I mean multimedia on your site or post pictures, videos, etc. 
To be used.
Through the use of these at your site’s visitors attention able to reduce the bounce rate.

What is the first word to be used.
100 words on your website or post to the use of your selected keyword H1 h2 tags and keywords at least once in the course of post append separate from other wards. (H1, h2, or use of strong tag mean). Google understands that you’re using keywords for this post.
The site’s loading speed.
Google’s new update, Google has seriously on the website loading speed.
Note the homepage of your website so that it loads faster.
According to the website to load if it takes more than 7 seconds
Visitors to the website and do not want to enter.
Using social sharing buttons.
Higher than the share of the vote.
That is a vote for your site as Google shares.
It injects use it to increase your site ranking note.
As Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Apple is the share button on your site.
To publish such content.
1st page of Google at any site you visit to see if you can
1500+ word that has been used at least in their posts.
Posts will be informative as well as its ranking gets the chance to try the course.
Talks of any post at least 1,500 more than the sound of the words.
Tune in today so no one will meet up with anymore.
If any of the questions asked in the comment. 

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