Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative 

At the first sight, the site may become easy. The main feature of the microworkers is that the works of this site are very little. It takes 5 to 30 minute to perform one task. The price of every task starts from 0.1 dollars to 9.75. In this site, every day new works have been entered. Here one task can perform only one time. You can withdraw money through PayPal, Moneybookers, check and Alertpay service if your total income is 9 dollars. In microworkers site, a freelancer is considered as a worker and a client is considered as an employer. To start work as a worker the first task is to open an account.

For every task you will provide specific information such as payment, success rate, speculate time and how many freelancers perform this task. You can get this information by clicking the headline of any task. Among them, you can get detail information about work through “what is expected from workers?” To give proof what types of information you must provide for your task regarding this you can know through “required proof that task was finished” part. At last click “accept this job” link and you must give proof for your task. If you are unable to perform any task then it better for you to skip this by clicking “not interested in this job”.

Forums posting ($ 0.10-$0.15) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative 

For this task, you must registration any forum and provide any website link of any client as a signature. Then consistent comment will provide more than one pages of that site.

Bookmark a page ($0.10-$0.20) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative 

Any site of a client must bookmark another site. There are some bookmark sites such as,, and that will refer the about clients’ work description. Before bookmark, you must open an account on that site.

Signup ($0.10-$0.20) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

In this case registration is required on any site. During registration, you must give your e-mail id. To perform this type of task, it is better not to give personal or main e-mail id. For this, a separate e-mail account should open and make registration through this e-mail account. Otherwise due to spam email you can’t find your important mail.

Yahoo answer – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

This type of task is very high standard.


Comment on another blog ($0.10-$0.15) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

For this task more than one comment must give to the client site. Comments must two or three lines and must consistent with the issue.

Download and/or install ($0.25-$0.35) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

In this task needed to download software or install that software.

Click and search ($0.10-$0.15) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

Here client is provided the link to a site and visiting that site need to search some specific words. At last according to the description of a client must click more than one advertisement.

Facebook ($0.15-$0.20) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

In this task need to accept client as a friend or become the fan of the client or post on a specific issue in your wall.


Twitter ($0.15-$0.20) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

In this case you must keep an account on and follow client account or post on a specific issue.

Write an article ($0.50-$1.75) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

Among the task of micro workers, you can earn huge amount of money by writing the article. Writings must keep 50 words to 500 words. This type of task not only increase language knowledge but also you can know about new issues. But those who have an ability to write English, they can perform this type of task. But your writing must constructive. Whether your writing in constructive or not, it can be assessed through


Blog/website owners ($0.25-0.80) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

Most of the time only writing is not anything rather your writing must publish in a famous site. For this PR2+PR3+PR4 such type of writing, you will get with your work name. The term or means page rank and PR2+ means the rank of the website more than 2. It is a standardization of the Google through which the popularity of the website can evaluate. You can about the rank of a website through Before starting this type of task you must open the account in with free. At the first stage page rank may be zero. But when you publish English writing for your website then automatically page rank will increase. Besides writing if you are able to exchange link with some famous website then page rank will increase.


Post an ad on craigslist ($0.25-$.75) – Online earning jobs sites like microworkers alternative

For class based advertisement is very famous. For this task, the given advertisement of a client must publish in site. For this, you must prepare an account.
Some important issue: be careful to perform a task on this site and it is not good to open more than one account. When one user opens more than one account then all of his accounts will close. One particular task can’t perform more than one. But there is no problem to do the same type of another task. After finishing every task if client is satisfied then you will get satisfy rating otherwise, you can get not satisfied rating if work is no liked by a client. The compare between such types of this rating is called “success rate”. Last 30 days you performed five tasks. If your success rate is below 75% then after 1 to 30 days there will no possibility to get a task. So become 100% sure you must perform the task and after competing for a task it is necessary to present proof of that task. If success rate below 75% then don’t be disappeared and it is better to wait some time to get work. At the first stage, the new workers accomplished 5 tasks in a single day. Then need wait for client rating. This limitation has been increased gradually after competing for ten tasks. If you think that you did your task properly but client gives “not satisfy” rating then you can give complain. For that task need IP address, it is better not to perform that task.

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