Only eight seconds easy a full movie download

The largest internet provider company of United States called Verizon brings about high speed internet. From the side of Verizon we can easy a full movie download all the records of the past. This informed has confirmed us CNN money.
The new service of this internet provider company allows the user to download 10 GIGABYTE file download. It is 10 times stronger than the “Google fiber” of the Google and 1000 times than the United States average speed. But how much of this speed is speed? About this issue the Verizon authority tells frankly. Only one second is needed to download high definition movie which duration has 2 hours. To upload 1000 HD still picture needs only two seconds.
Through the fiber optic Verizon provides this internet service. Now they are involved to develop this service. They believe that one day they will success in this issue that they will able to provide those service through which user can download 40 to 80 GIGABYTE download. Optical fiber plays an important role to provide internet speed in remote place. So in this regard Google, Verizon, COMCAST and ATNT organization wants to spread optical based internet.
Their main objective is to ensure better internet service for the user so that user can get better service and big size file they can download within a second. That’s why these organizations try their heart and soul to spread their service. Last month COMCAST started internet service 2 GIGABYTE speed in every second at United States. On the others hand last week alphabet announced that they had started new project with the Google fiber. Under this project they are starting high speed based internet at sun Antonio. Already Verizon has been examined in their lab about 10 GIGABYTE internet speed. Now it is the time to wait for this service in commercially.

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