Payza is one of the best online payment solution.

How does create a Payza account?
Click on “Sign up”. Select Personal Account. Fill out the form to the right and click the ‘NEXT STEP’ write with respect to all information of your ‘NATIONAL ID CARD’. Keep in mind that if any wrong information but you do not have an account Verify. CLICK HERE go to Payza website. Second step Email address, Password, Transaction Pin (You will need to send the dollar) and select Security Question writes Answer and clicks the Final Step. • Registration with the email sent by a friend of the email inbox, go to your PAYZA  Account Validation. • Restart your computer. Your account has been created. Verify the turn.
How does PAYZA account verification?
Verify that the account in two ways evolutionary PAYZA:
• Document Validation.
• Photos ID Validation.
Document Validation method used to verify the account, which will: 
National ID card or passport or scanned copy of the driving license.
One-month bank statement (maximum six months old)
If your National ID card or passport, driving license will be required.Note that there is no need of a bank statement Photo ID Validation process.
Through the Document Validation will verify your PAYZA account:
• Verification of your PAYZA account, click on the top right-hand side.
• Choose your preferred option from here. I took Document Validation option.
• Photo ID options to choose from any of the options to scan and copy your documents to select Choose File. Down at the bottom of the Bank Statement of Bank Document scanned copy of a bank statement with a check mark on the selected day. The document must be in Jpeg Format.
• If everything is OK, click next. You’ll see a preview of uploaded documents.
• If everything is OK, please send your request by clicking Send.
Let us see how the Photo ID Validation will verify:
• Verification that the option to select the Photo ID Validation. Keep the following pages. • Photo ID from your national ID card, passport or driving license, copy, scan, select and press Next. The document must be in Jpeg Format. • Upload the document you will see the preview. • If everything is OK, please send a request by clicking Send. • Verification request within 2-3 days to get a reply from PAYZA.Upload your documents is correct PAYZA will then verify your account. • However, if you are not Accept verification requests from PAYZA will be notified of your request because it was not possible to Accept. Accept the request to verify the account may not be some of the reasons:
To submit a scanned copy of the National ID card is unclear.  The name or the address of your bank statements in the name or address does not match your PAYZA account. When submitting a document is broken.
Many people have asked me where to get it, and that is what Scan Copy again:
Scan Copy Scan your NID or copy of any Document. The Scan Copy You can make from any computer store. Without it, you can use your Android phone to easily Scan Copy. Cam scanner for her to go to the Play Store to search it through the App Install. The App will be able to make it through the Scan Copy.

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