Photoshop Tutorial: Introduction to Photoshop interface and beginners photoshop tutorial

 If you have not used before the beginners photoshop tutorial of the sacrifice seems to be a bit different. As like Microsoft word the software is launched automatically when you open a new document, tool-buttons. Own To become familiar with these issues.
Photoshop interface and basic functions
Toolbox: In the straightly arranged on the left side of the screen toolbox with several tools. In order to do that, at least from a tool to be selected. For example, using a color brush brass tool to be selected. You can select the text tool to write.
Any tool, right down to the small triangular mark on the multiple tools has the same meaning. Hold down the mouse button, the rest can be found. Brass can be found, such as the brush tool to tool, Pencil tool, and the Color Replacement tool.
Panel: Contains one or more columns to the right of the screen panel. Click to expand the use of these (other versions may be viewed differently from the photo). They can be changed immediately to the selected tool. Brass Tool selected as the color. From here you can select the color of choice, or you can change the size of the brush.
Menu Bar: at the top of the menu bar of Windows, like all programs. 
Options Bar: one just below the menu bar (or more) times can be found. The name of the options bar. The name is taken from the toolbox can be changed to any of the tools from a variety of options.
The image window: the image can be viewed on the screen of the original place in the middle of the image window. The name of the title image (if you have not saved), zoom, and color mode can be viewed in the standard. The name of the film image as Bulbul, jpg, zoom 25%, the image mode to RGB 8 bits / channel. Windows down to the left of the image by changing the size of the Zoom / more can be done. The size of the image can be saved to the next.
Using the keyboard: A lot of work in Photoshop using the keyboard can be easily operated with the Hoonah. Brass is selected as pressing ALT key can be used to pick the color. During the selection using Shift or ALT multiple parts can be added or removed. Advanced users were required to learn keyboard shortcuts. This can be done quickly.
Photoshop interface and basic functions
File opening:
 Open Photoshop and from the menu File> Open command to select. There are images in the folder to the folder select on your computer. You can see how these formats can be used in Photoshop. Select the image you want to open that file open.
Use the zoom:
Usually, the camera photo size is much larger than the resolution. When viewing the image on the computer screen does not do everything well. While working on a specific part of the section that is required. Zoom in to see a larger portion of the image can not be seen as a whole. And that is not going to remove the need to bring is a part. These functions are the zoom and pan tool.
> Zoom tool from the toolbox on the left (magnifying glass picture) Click on the photo to select. Click on the picture will be larger.
> Text at the bottom left-hand corner of the image to zoom in 5% (50 or 100) is the type of day.
> The keyboard shortcut Ctrl – num + (the numeric keypad, hold down the Control key plus (+) sign. Zoom out (small) instead of adding the minus (-) symbols.
> Hold down the Alt key on the keyboard too small.
If the image is larger than the screen and itcannot be seen using the pan tool to move the image to the side.
> Pen Tool (hand picture, the zoom tools on the right) and select.
> Mouse over the image, hold down the left-right-up-down to remove the image.
> Any tool that can be selected by pressing the spacebar to temporarily use the pan tool.
The unnecessary portion of the fixed part:
> Rectangular Marquee tool from the toolbox (toolbox on the second) and select the photo that you want whatever drag to select text.
> From the menu Image> Crop to select. And the rest will be part of the selected portion.
Or, toolbox Crop tool, select the image by clicking on the place given the drug. Later, the small one can be. Press Enter to select the desired place.
Use the Undo:
All other windows software commands, it can be canceled immediately after the Undo command. The menu Edit – Undo, select, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl – Z to use. Take a wrong did immediately, because the multi-un-do not use Photoshop. However, there is an issue and should be history.
Customize size of the photo:
 To specify the size of the photo to the menu, select Image> Image Size The unit is used for the photo. For printing inches / cm, and the display pixels are used to using. Please use it for any type of unit. Constrain Proportions to keep the ratio of the length and width of the mark. Please specify the size of the type.
File Save:
Open the file using the Save command, the previous file is deleted, the file will be new. The new name exactly as before, or saved in another format, the File> Save as command.
Photoshop automatically save the file as a Photoshop document. The picture quality is the best. The format file size is much larger, and the software cannot use it directly. Everywhere use File> Save as command to select the JPEG format. There are many different types of formats for using here. Save for Web & devices to access the Web page, there is a special name.
To save time, you can change the image quality. As well as the quality of the image file size will be larger. The best value is to be used for printing. It is important to use the small size file on the Internet. Use the convenient setting in mind.

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