Photoshop Tutorial: Photoshop Advanced Selection process

Another selection method is simple and easy tutorial has been mentioned of Photoshop. According to the selection of a more complex and require a lot of time working on the general approach to optimizing the selection is not available.
Photoshop Advanced Selection process
 Quick Selection Or Magic Wand Tool:
Quick Selection tool to select the same type of highly effective space quickly. It is almost similar to the color of the background image example. Such use of these tools can be used to select the background very quickly.
>Select the Quick Selection Tool from a toolbox.
>Select the place where you want to click and drag.
>Increase the space available for selection, hold down the keyboard shift to the rest of the drugs.
>If necessary, brush options in the options bar Brass size, spacing, etc., by changing the angle to see the results.
To reiterate, this system is fairly effective for similar parts.
Using the Magic Wand:
 Quick Selection Tool Magic Wand and they are together. Hold down the mouse to go on another one. Magic Wand works on the basis of color. Using this tool, click on the colors to select the color. Options bar can be more or less the amount of tolerance to change the selection. 
>Select the Magic Wand tool.
>Click anywhere in the background.
>Increase the number of options to increase the tolerance level of the selection bar and shift down to the new location.
>From any place on the image to select the colors, from the menu select similar commands.
As well as increased tolerance can be selected very quickly, on the other hand, is likely to be selected in the wrong part. Has been selected as part of the film crew. To deselect it, click and hold down the Alt key. Or to reduce the tolerance. Fix your photo needs tolerance.
Lasso, Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso tool:
Using the Lasso tool or reveal any unequal place that you can select. This tool, select the text that you want to select and drag the mouse around.
If you want to select by using the straight line method Lasso Polygonal Lasso Select Lasso tool.
>Click where you want to start from where the selection.
>Another point and click Next once again. Two points will be connected by a straight line.
>Thus, to complete the selection.
>Draws a circle with a pointer to the pointer to where the sign can be seen. Clicking the selection of these will be completed.
Photoshop Tutorial
Magnetic Lasso tool:
If the space of the selection is unequal, so it is necessary to carefully select the Lasso tool cannot be used (not too firm hand when it may be), the Polygonal Lasso tool is simple to use walls, the magnetic tool is very effective.
>Select the Magnetic Switch Selection Tool. 
>Once there, click where you want to start the selection.
>With the left mouse button to select carefully which you want the pointer to move stay. Like magnets pointer pointers selection will be made.
>Once you have made the selection, click on the first place.
Magnetic Lasso tool
Using Quick Mask:
Various methods have been described so far if any complicated selection is needed, you want to be more cautious to use the Quick Mask.
>Using any selection tool to select a part of the rough.
>Menu command Select – Edit in Quick Mask Mode, select Approve the cartoon can be seen around the reddish color.
>Using the brush tool to select the theory being if you paint with black paint left out the part, if you paint with white color will be added to the selection. Semi-transparent color to the middle of. If you make a mistake is to make it easier, you can easily modify it.
>If required, the paint again from the menu Select – Edit in Quick Mask Mode Select command. You get the choice selection.
Photoshop selection is divided by two procedures. Photoshop selection for efficient enough for use as important as experience. In the beginning, you may not have to optimize. 

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