Photoshop Tutorial: Use the selection tool in Photoshop

Photoshop has an important job to select a specific part of the image. Many people said that he could select a specific part of efficient tool Photoshop. That much is true. To move into the house of a person standing in the garden if you want to get in the back part of (background), select should be discarded. Another choice would be to use the image.
selection tool in Photoshop
There are many tools in Photoshop for selection. Convenient for each different type of image. Let’s take a look at them one by one. Open Photoshop and open an image file. Here is shown a picture of the national parliament.
Rectangle Selection:
Some parts of the photo that you want to exclude from all sides. Please note that this text needs to be selected whatever. Selection case it is the easiest one.
>Select the Rectangle Marquee tool from the toolbox.
>Drag the mouse pointer to the left side where you want to      select.There is the right to  select and drag.
>Press the Alt key while pressing the center will be selected.
>Pressing the Shift key to select the side of the square.
>Selection can be moved by pressing the Spacebar to select.
>After selecting the parts selected by the selection of the drug can be moved.
Round Selection;
Typically, the Selection Tool can be seen the rectangle. Round selection for the selection of tools to hold down the mouse. There is a total of 4 tools. To round Tool. Select any part of the image in the same manner. Similarly, the keyboard can be used during the selection round.

The Inverse selection:

Sometimes whatever is necessary to select the inverse selection to select whatever little on the outside of the selection. After selecting the command by using the inverse of the selection of these can be changed easily. For example, if you select the middle of the field you want to work instead of the rest of the command from the menu, Select – Inverse Selection
Feather used:
Feather used to select the selected part will be separated from the selected part. The default value is 0 pixels. Feather edge selection can be changed by changing the name of the special options. The selection can be changed before or after selecting it from the menu to change the Feather option.
selection tool in Photoshop
Selection, selection and feather practical use :
Let’s take a look round selection and feather practical use.
>Options bar (just below the menu bar) is 0 pixels of the type of place the day 1.
>The main part of the select circle of parliament. Or do you see this film?
>From the menu Select – Invert Selection command to invert the selection.
>Menu command, Edit – Fill
>Use the drop-down list to select from, Color
>Select the desired color and click OK.
The effect can be found in the example photo.
The selection of new parts added to or dropped:
Besides, you can always get a chance to select the required part or all of that cannot be selected. Sometimes part of the place, as well as the other conditions need to be a little part of the selection. The selection tool is used with the keyboard.
·         Select a part. Hold down the Shift key keyboard. The pointer is a plus (add) sign can be seen. To select another place in this state. Both components will be selected.
·        In contrast to select a portion of pressing the Alt key pointer minus (-) symbols can be found in the selection of a portion of the drug in the previous selection will be removed from the text.
In the meantime, you may have noticed, after the selection of the selections on the left. Sometimes it is necessary to de-select. The menu Select – Deselect commands, or keyboard shortcut Ctrl – D use.
Selection Save:
Much work will have to select specific parts of an image. Little fault it was de-selected. Or close the file. The work needs to be done can not be found in the selection. To overcome this problem, the ability to save the selection. After selecting from the menu Select – Save Selection command.
·     Now, if you save the image file will be saved with the selection. Whenever working with image files that can be used immediately. Multiple documents can be saved with the name of the selection.
Save Selection to use:
Selection of documents that have been saved to be saved from the selection menu for the Select – Load Selection command, selected from a list of selections to choose a selection and click OK. There are other selection tools and methods are needed for more complex work. The other tutorial.

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