Portrait and landscape accepted by photo sharing instagram

Photo sharing  instagram and video sharing apps Instagram is very familiar. About 30 corer users uploaded their happy moment’s pictures or video at private photo sharing apps Instagram. But the size of the video or picture had been fixed by private photo sharing apps Instagram authority. The rules and regulations are that the uploading video and pictures must be squared. Now this rule has been smooth by the Instagram authority. 
New feature has been added with new update of Instagram. As a result the portrait or landscape size photo can be uploaded by anyone. The specialist thinks that to attract various firms’ Instagram authority brings this change so that the firms can easily upload their advertisement. The private photo sharing apps Instagram authority says about this update at their blog site. The main objective is that the user can easily upload their video or pictures at Instagram. It knows that the picture every five in one is not squared and we know that the size is not proper for the private photo sharing apps Instagram. It may happen that either delete the friend from picture or repel the video. To remove this problem all types of size Instagram accept. The blog post also says that for video graph it is the good news. Widescreen video gives more cinematic look that user upload at private photo sharing apps InstagramInstagram was established in 2010 and from that time user can upload only square size file. They break this regulation in 2015. On the other hand in 2013 they started the option of video uploading. More than 15 seconds length video was not accepted by private photo sharing apps Instagram. But this facility is very helpful for various brand and firms. Now from this site they want to great feedback.

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