Power connectors on motherboard & computer connectors and ports

connectors of PC

Every day we connect various devices with computer but Power connectors on motherboard &  computer connectors and ports that connector we are using for connection is unknown to all. Usually, we are familiar with USB, DVI, and PS/2 SATA, PATA etc but we are not familiar with remaining connectors. The term plug is through which we connect and the term socket means connect with whom.

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  • USB: The term USB means universal bus serial. Among the connectors the highly used is universal bus connector through which we connect keyboard, mice, printers, scanners, modem, and storage device, and so on with PC. At present, the data transfer rate of USB is 60mb/sec.
  • SATA: The full name of SATA is serial advanced technology attachment. It has been used to connect between hard drives and optical drives. It is as like as PATA connector. The highest speed of SATA is 3 GB/sec.
  • PS/2: The full name of PS/2 is IBM PERSONAL SYSTEM/2.  It is an input device through which pc is connected with keyboard and mice. Mouse is connected with green color socket and keyboard is connected with violet color socket. At present USB takes the leading position so the usage of PS/2 is very rare.
  • D-Sub: The full name of D-Sub is D-Subminiature. It is display connector through which CRT monitor is connected. At present through this LCD monitor, DVI, HDMI and display port is connected with CRT.
  • Parallel: The full name is parallel. It is known as printer port. Through this plug and socket data will be transferred with computer in old printer. At present USB takes the leading position that’s why the usage of parallel is rare.
  • Serial/RSS232: The full name is that recommend standard 232. It is the I/O PORT through which old computer had been used to transfer binary data. With the help of this mouse, modem, and programmable electronics projects were operated.
  • RJ 11 And RJ45: The full name is Registered Jack 11 and 45. For network purpose it has been used. RJ11 has been used for telephone connection and RJ45 has been used for Ethernet connection as a peer. RJ11 is less than RJ45 and both of have 6-8 pins.
  • DVI: The full name of DVI is digital visual interface. It is a display output port that has been used to connect LCD monitors.
  • S-VIDEO: The full name of S-VIDEO is super-video. It is an output port which is able to transfer both audio and video data. It will support after video resolution of 576i. it is seen with DVD PLAYER GRAPHICS CARD.
  • Composite Video: It has been used as an analog video output. It has three separate connectors such as Y, U AND V. it will support more than 480i resolution. The cable of it transfers only audio and video data. It is remaining with VCD/VCRs, DVD Players, TVs, and Graphics Cards.
  • Component video: It is transferred three analog video signals. The higher video resolution is needed for Y, PB and PR. It will transfer audio or video data in one cable. It has been seen DVD PLAYERS, TV and graphics card.
  • ESATA: The full name is external serial advanced technology attachment. It is as like as SATA but can be used externally. External hard drive has been used to connect directly with computer motherboard.
  • Mini USB: The full name is mini universal serial bus. From technological side it is as like as USB but in size it is less than USB. It has been used to connect storage devices, mp3 players, and camera with PC.
  • PATA: The full name is parallel attachment pocket interface. Because of the usage of SATA, the usage of PATA is declining day by day. It has been used to connect hard disk, CD or DVD-ROM with motherboard. The speed of it is 130mb/sec.
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