Power supply function in computer for learning

Power is needed to operate any electric device. Power supply function in computer As like as to operate computer devices power is needed. This electricity is provided by power supply. So you can understand about the necessity of power supply. Here first I tell about two issues, most of us question that computer performs with slow, so what can we do? Most of us answered of this question increase the size of the RAM. But no one tell about power supply. But power supply provides power various hardware of the computer and active these.  If power supply is unable to supply power properly then computer will become hanging, restart, power problem and slow.
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 The general problem of power supply:

  • Sag/Under Voltage: voltage will down for short time.
  • Spikes: voltage will high for long time.
  • Brownout: always voltage provides less voltage than usual voltage.
  • Over voltage: always voltage supplies high voltage than usual voltage.
Problems are created for power supply: 80% of our computer problems are created by power supply.

Power supply is enough to damage any device.

• System hang: PC hang is the common problem. Our valuable computer can become hang any time. For this reason power supply is liable. The main cause is up-down voltage of power supply, drop the voltage and voltage noise.
• Burnt: for voltage related problem any device may become burn and any purse may become short. As a result the hardware will become unusable.
• Extreme heat of system: the main cause of extreme heat of system is power supply. System is heated for high voltage, low voltage, voltage up-down, and loose connection. As a result computer will perform slowly.
• Restart and auto shutdown: if power supply is unable to provide enough voltage then computer will become restart even computer will become shut down.
• Hard disk problem: because of faulty power supply fall negative impact on hard disk. As a result there are possibilities to lose data, bad sector or power dead.

How you can understand about power supply problem:

  • The fan of power supply is not revolving.
  • The fan of power supply is revolved slowly.
  • Various sounds will originate from power supply.
  • PC takes restart or shut down.
  • If auto shut down is occurred then it will not start before 15-20 minutes.
  • PC will become slow.

Steps that must be taken for power supply:

  • According to the demand of hardware, power must supply with enough watt.
  • Standard quality power supply must be used.
  • Be careful about the loose connection of input and output point of power supply.
  • Clean every day the dirt in power supply.
  • Be careful about the fan of power supply whether it revolves properly or not.

Which amount of watt power supply is needed for computer?

  • In which computer is usually watching movie, listening song, net browse, playing game for that computer is needed 350 watt power supply.
  • In which computer is playing medium standard game that computer is needed 500 watt power supply.
  • For high gaming and server powerful power supply is needed and it’s depend on computer hardware.
But without specific model it is impossible to tell about power supply. For high gaming and for specific graphic card power must supply according to the demand of graphic card. For graphic card amount of watt power is needed referring manually.

Here, mention some online power supply calculator address:

 http://images10.newegg.com/BizIntell/tool/psucalc/index.htm
 http://www.msi.com/power-supply-calculator
 http://www.extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine
 http://powersupplycalculator.net/

Various connectors of power supply: to supply power various devices of computer there have many power connectors.

• 24 pin ATX power connector: to turn on the motherboard of computer 24 pin ATX power connector has been used. It is known as main power connector. In the primary stage 20 pin ATX power connector was used but after some days 24 pin ATX power connector has been used. Here 20 pin and 4 pin will connect separately.
• 12 volt ATX power connector: it is known as CPU power connector. Here voltage will supply separately for the processor through 12 volt ATX power connector. It was starting from Pentium processor 4. Here 12-volt power will supply.
• Sata power connector: this power connector has been used to supply voltage in peripheral of computer various SATA port. Sata power connector supply power consecutively 12, 5 and 3.3 volt. This connector is needed for supplying voltage in SATA hard disk, SATA optical drive. But this device will become run without 3.3 volt supply.
• 4 pin Molex connector: this power connector has been used to supply voltage in peripheral of computer various IDI port. Through, IDI port connector 12 volt and 5-volt power can supply. This connector will need to supply volt in IDI hard disk and IDI optical drive.
• 6 pin PCI express connector: this connector has been used to supply power in graphics card. There is no need to supply power separately in low-end graphics. But for high-end graphics card has been needed this type of one or two 6 pin PCI expresses connector. Through 6 pin PCI connector maximum 75-watt extra voltage will supply in graphics card.
• 8 pin PCI connector: PCI express 2.0 was entered in market in 2007 and here 8 pin PCI connector is also available. Where through 6 pin PCI connector can supply maximum 75-watt power but here 8 pin PCI connector can supply maximum 150-watt power. This connector is as like as EPS 8 pin 12-volt cable.
• 6 pin auxiliary power connector: in some dual CPU MD motherboard this connector has been used for extra watt power supply. This connector is not available in the market.
• 8 pin floppy drive connector: this connector has been used to supply voltage in floppy drive.

Here showing various brand of power supply:


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