Printer output device is the slow speed output systems review

Printer Driver
The desire result that we get from computer and become printing in paper through the device is called printer. The printer output device is the slow speed output systems depends on its resolution. DPI is the unit through which the resolution of printer can be measured. The full name of DPI is dots per inch. Printer is an offline device.
Printer can be divided into two categories. These are:
·         Impact printer
·         Non-impact printer.
In that printer print head is printed in that paper is called impact printer. 
The standard of printing is this printer is very normal and slow speed that means the resolution of the printer is low and an irritating sound is created during printing.
·         Line printer: In every time at line printer a full line has been printed. It is faster than impact printer. Line printer printed 200-300 line in every minute. Line printer can be divided into two categories:
1.       Chain printer
2.       Drum printer.
·         Serial printer: Like type writer in serial printer only one character can be printed. It is very slow printer. The price of this printer is very low but can’t work more than one hour and becomes heat. Serial printer can be divided into two categories. These are:
1.       Dot matrix printer
2.       Daisy wheel printer
·         Dot matrix printer: Some points which are decorated in rectangle way is called dot matrix. For example: when the dots are decorated in 8 line and 12 lines then we can call 8×12 dot matrix. We can select some dots from these dots and can flourish any type of character. To write in dot matrix printer grid has been used at little pin. A lot of heads of pin make hit on the biron and can make character setting point on the paper. Usually in this printer remain 7, 9 or 24 pins that are running directly to the line and create character through point. In this printer the printed items are not default. We can measure the speed through characters per second (cps).
·         Daisy wheel printer: Like cycle spoke in daisy wheel printer many spokes are attached with cycle. In every spoke a character became ambos. The cycle with these spokes look like a daisy flower so it is called daisy wheel printer.
·         Non-impact printer: In that printer print head is printed but not touch printer is called non-impact printer. This type of printer contains high speed and the standard of printed copy contains high that means the resolution of printer is high and an irritating sound is not created is this printer.
·         Inkjet printer: At inkjet printer many of the electrical charged based liquid color has been sprayed to the paper. The electrical charge based particles of the color has been decorated paper properly and flourish character on the paper. Inkjet printer is famous as a valuable printer. For example: cannon bubble jet, HP deskjet, and Epson stylus etc.
·         Laser printer:  in laser printer through laser ray writing has been flourished in the paper. Generally laser printer has been used greatly at desktop publishing and office-court. This high speed laser printer is very high standard. It is known as page printer. For example: HP laserjet, Samsung ML-200, canon LBP 3500 etc.

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