RAM speed up computer is not observed any change in the speed of the processor to execute code

Most PC user’s ingrained notions, the more ram  speed up computer than the fastest PC. In fact, it is nothing more than holding a mistake. We must remember, does not mean the PC to install more RAM, faster PC will be able to perform its computing that one can be sure.
This means that in many cases to install additional RAM, there is a waste of money. RAM chips are relatively long time because of the relatively slow bus speed runs short of RAM chips. So theoretically speaking, RAM performance a little, but a lot of time is harmful. This fact can be explained simply, but the most important thing is that the issue of dual channel vs triple channel. 1 GB RAM and a dual channel, triple channel used if used for more than 16 GB of RAM, of which the speed is the question, then the answer is 1 GB RAM. So it is understood that, if the memory that will always wait for a better performance, but it is not. Lately, budget PC is integrated with typically 4 GB of RAM, mid-range of PC configurations offer twice the RAM and high-end gaming systems and workstations need for a minimum of 16 GB.
Currently, technology has no wind flows almost all of us have no idea about. Windows 8 supports a maximum of 128 GB of physical memory, using the 64-bit version. The Windows 8 Pro version can use a maximum of 51 GB of physical memory. RAM is used as the light goes on, it is now very expensive. Yet the question remains, what amount of RAM you really need to.
More RAM increases speeds?
Many computer users, adding more memory to the PC runs significantly faster PC performance increases. In some cases, performance is improved somewhat. Installing a PC motherboard In other words, if it can help, especially on older systems GB or less of RAM. By adding the extra RAM, virtual memory is reduced dependence on the windows.
Virtual memory is attributed to one of the files on your hard disk, which serves as temporary storage, the PC’s physical memory becomes full. For example, several heavyweight applications you need to run it together, even though they do not fit in RAM, virtual memory simultaneously carrying on the work of this kind has become possible. When you go from one application to another application, the Windows physical memory to disk faster data the swap, which was explained, why the virtual memory swap file is a file occasionally. To view hidden files sets in Windows Explorer, then you will see the root directory of the system disk. Depending on the version of Windows you are using. This is called pagefile.sys or swapfile.sys.
000 1990 or early modern 3-bit PC can theoretically address up to 4 GB RAM. At the time, memory was very expensive. At the high-end PCs were installed with 56 MB of RAM. The reality was dependent on virtual memory. Was called at the time, as much as possible, you should install memory.
Diminishing Returns:
A decade ago, it would have to apply the rules mentioned here, much less than now to be seen or to be used. The new PC is now connected to the multiple gigabytes of RAM. So it depends on the Windows virtual memory is now much less than before. Mechanical solid state drive instead of the system used today as RAM and virtual memory drive containing the data swapping process is a lot smoother. To read data from a flash memory cell is not an issue while the other is to write the data to another. These are the roots of the problems thrashing.
However, a lot of physical memory for fast, high-end, where you can read and write data to the SSD 600 MB / second, the DDR Three eggs (DDR3 DIMM) 1333 MHz speed 10 Gb / s data transfer over. That means, if the physical memory to fit all applications and documents can then be the more responsive system.
Another advantage of the system is the lack of RAM. One of the special features of the Windows SuperFetch was involved, trying to guess which applications and libraries would like to use. More precisely, the next will open the application, the pre-loaded from the disk cache and the application cannot be enabled by the almost immediate. Advantages of the system run by experts to describe the real world benchmark tests, which are equipped GB, 4 GB and 8 GB of RAM. Here clearly is going to add more memory to increase the speed, even SSD too. Tests by experts of the windows to see the effect. Opening and switching between applications is here again and again. Traditionally, only two GB of onboard memory, Windows uses virtual memory. Everything is up to 4 GB of memory tests. The 11 percent increase in performance. Adding more memory to 4 GB (SuperFetch) – For the space, which will improve performance more than 5 per centIt is not clear that the multi-apps Test. Away from GB to 4 GB, 10 percent at the same speed improvement. However, beyond adding more RAM is available for any assistance. Temporarily acceptable, because the system is idle for a long time to support.
How much RAM is needed?
SuperFetch feature can use as much memory as you can throw it more memory. He already understands it wisely next time you’re going to open any program. Dozens of tests were necessary in order to give effect to the above recommended. 4 and 8 GB system was only 3 percent of the overall difference. When complete workload RAM memory is enough to store the virtual memory becomes a non-issue, as well as clutter. So the question is how to get the maximum performance without spending any money you may need.
The technology is in response to a question, ‘one size fits all’ does not have anything to say. Different people, different kinds of work. So, naturally, every different workload. Type in your current job and system requirements, but would never be able to understand the needs of tomorrow will be the requirements for your system. However, how much memory is being used in various fields, the concept allows it to find how much RAM you are using. You can do this very easily, “Windows Performance Monitor, a helpful tool to use. With this tool, ‘committed bytes’ keep an eye on, along with dozens of important operating matrix. This tool presents the total memory allocated to your applicant and component OS. (Not cash involved, which are automatically augmented ‘real’ through the program if the RAM is required.
Tests by experts in real-world multi-apps to open the main application view, the system could not exceed 4 GB total ram never use. At one point, as a last resort in the Windows virtual memory and it also indicates that there was no need to install more RAM, but the speed is improved very little. This does not mean, you pay for the mandatory 4GB of memory will go to avoid. If your system was increasing demand, the more memory you will be able to benefit from the better. This can be another 4-a video file processing, large database file to work with, the nature of the money could be put to work in a Web browser, open multiple tabs, 0 ram browser tab open if the immediate use of up to two GB can be increased or may be exceeded. If you want to buy a new system, then you should buy the 8 GB model. As a result, someday in the future you can be sure that the requirements of RAM. Striking, slim laptops are not an upgradable user.
However, for the purposes of 4GB of memory, and better results can be found in the categories. Keeping in view the future requirements of the data processing capacity of 16 GB of memory should be used widely.

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