Rest your eyes and using the computer all day long | Protect eyes from computer screen software

Are you sitting in front of computer in all day long? protect eyes from computer screen software !Do you know it is very harmful to your health? Now the solution of the problem has come. Now keep rest your eyes as well as using a computer. Specific software has been useful to solve this problem.
How to protech eyes

A great attraction towards computer has been seen among the technology lover. The day after day and night after night they pass their valuable time. But an important question has occurred, when a user using a computer all day long. How can I rest eyes? Habit can’t be changed. Now I bring out a universally approved medium that protect your eyes from damage as well as it provides a great feel for your eyes. Follow the steps at a glance:
•    Flux is the small software whose size is 583-kilo bytes. It changes your whole computer screen at a specific time. It is very helpful for your eyes. Most of the users use flux for color combination of monitor.
•    Now double click from setting up file and install it.
•    You can get a confirmation text if you install it properly. After installing the software open or you can open software from desktop short cut.
•    If you open this software, you PC and time zone work properly.
•    Now you can set lighting range from this software.
•    According to your need, you can configure this software.
•    If you feel need for high-quality screen, then you can disable the software.
•    You can run this software in Mac, mobile or tablet. But if you change this software according to your PC location then you can better result.

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