Same windows in all devices! windows 10 operating system review

windows 10 operating system review
The world’s most operating system has been launched in market recently and it is launched by Microsoft. The main objective to launch windows 10 is to prepare such kind of windows 10 operating system review that can use desktop, mobile, smartphone, tablet PC, surface hub and HOLO lancer etc. a unique application store can be used for the app where the user can get all types of app for PC.

Main feature:
The main feature is that for all device same operating system windows 10. Depending on The shape of performance and the demand, it performs various ways in various devices. First Microsoft launches windows 8 so that the entire device would be able to use same operating system. In these continuous process windows 10 has been launched in new form and new structure. A user can start windows tap mode, when he uses it in touchscreen based PC. Again the desktop mode of windows a user can be used through attaching extra keyboard or mouse in tab or mobile. That means user can change its interface according to need.

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Again start button:
Again start button has been attached with windows 10. It has been used the starting journey of the windows but in windows 8 another system was being used called “metro” but it was not famous to all. Then Microsoft again used start button in windows 10. The main part of the windows 10 is new taskbar. The entire tasks have been accomplished through this taskbar. Here a user can easily find anything and this has been attached with windows 10 as well as pin option has been attached with the start menu.
CORTANA: digital assistance
A new assistance has been attached in this operating system. It will help the user in various ways as well as provide information.
An explorer replaced by age:
For viewing website instead of explorer Microsoft brings in windows 10 “age”. Here all features for the modern web browser have been attached.
Virtual desktop:
In windows 10 users can use more than one desktop. The applications which are opened through desktop showed separately. Here user can change desktop as well as replace app from one desktop to another. For general user, it is necessary. But it is useful for that user who performs various tasks.
Central notification facility:
For the first time windows, 10 provide this facility but it was attached with Linux, IOS, and android in before.  Now the notification of various apps showed at a glance centrally with main notification. In new notification tray for performing the task windows setting, note, VPN and other necessary apps link have been attached.
Windows Security:
For windows security, a special feature has been used with windows 10. Besides multi-fact authentication, biometric authentication option has been attached in windows hello and windows passport which is one kind of security. These facilities have been used through users face and finger touch. Windows passport is such kind of security management that gives login facility for the user in terms of network, software and biometric.
New version of application: 
In windows 10 all the parts of operating system have been changed. Some new features have been attached.
•    Aero snap: providing better facility for desktop management.
•    Snipping: through snipping user can take screen shot with       easily.
•    Windows command line: in windows 10 a new options windows command line has been attached where command copy, paste and selection based task accomplished easily.
Some new shortcut:
Some new shortcuts have been available for windows 10:
•    Win + tab: see all virtual app at a glance.
•    Win + Q: starting CORTANA.
•    Win + I: opening windows 10 setting.
•    Win + A: opening notification center.
•    Win + ctrl + D: opening new virtual desktop. 
•    Win + ctrl + F4: stopping virtual desktop.

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