Samsung will change the use of money bag

Samsung brings about Samsung pay. In this process debit or credit card/ cash money is not needed. So the necessity of money is not needed. The technological based organization Samsung brings about new system of money transaction.
This system is called “Samsung pay” and no debit or credit card/ cash money is required. To keep money we are using money bag which is made from skin. We can keep our money decoratively through this bag. Then after some decade debit/ credit has come and we also use money bag to keep this card. But for the skin the magnetic tape has been damaged day by day.
But at present the smart phone era why are we using moneybag? Using smart phone or tab we can transaction the money easily. Apple, Microsoft and others organizations are starting tab based transaction. But a great change has occurred if the world’s largest cell phone selling company Samsung. Because of Samsung mobile is available most of the countries. But the western country is unable to use this benefit. In recent month Samsung has been started tab based transaction in Korea and in 28th September it is starting in United States. Samsung says that to come in a specific device it can perform.
The system is also performed at banal credit or debit card. But if the card reader is not performed properly then Samsung pay app barcode is helpful to create transaction. The second features of the Samsung pay are that this feature precedes the transaction system than apple, tech30 and other transaction systems. The following feature is performed specific device and online but not in perform at usual debit or credit card.
Through Samsung pay virtually debit, credit or other dependable card can be produced. And with apple and other devices Samsung provides better facility that means give the opportunity to attach a lot of credit card. As a result the transaction is occurred through phone and the signature of the finger it became save the secret pin number. So we can say that using Samsung pay the user will forget the use of moneybag. But one problem is that primarily Samsung pay gets in Samsung S6, S6 EDGE, and EDGE PLUS AND NOTE 5.

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