Send email from your g-mail account by the name of other email accounts.

All of us heard about Gmail because nowadays most of the people uses Gmail account. Whatever it is, the matter we will discuss is that many of us has our own website and we try to send email by using the name of our own domain and some other email accounts.
For example- This is an email address. When we send or receive e-mail by using this email address, it is somehow disturbing and time killing. But if you add your email address with Gmail account, then you don’t need to open the website again and again. If you default your account and add your email account along with Gmail account, then when you will send email through your Gmail account to anybody it will show your domain email name. You can change whenever you want. When you log in your Gmail account in Slandered  mood you will see from which email account you are sending email. Now we will discuss how to add email!
 At first, log in your Gmail account and go to setting. Next click the menu of accounts. Then click ‘Add email Address’ where you will find a window open like the picture above. Here you write the name of the person who will open email accounts and write under this email address.Then click next step. Write your server in the place of SMTP server. For this, you will add the email address in cPanel by logging in and set the configuration. Put your server port number in the place of portGive your desired email address in the place of the usernamePut your password of your desired email address, in the place of  the password. Now click ‘Add Account’. After that, the email you have added, a code number will be sent in the same email address, then your email will be verified as long as the code number will be added. At last while you send your email, from Gmail account, your desired account will be shown in the receiver.

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