Seven tips to increase the speed android phone up

At present android is the familiar operating system phone. Day by day the usage of android phone is increasing. Most of the users know about android phone very well and use speed android phone up. There is no need to introduce android phone towards you. We never want that our smartphone perform slowly. But most of the users are victim this problem. Some reasons for this problem.
This problem can be solved if user avoid these reasons. There have some tips to increase the speed of android. Here I tell you some tips through which you can increase your phone speed.
increase the speed of android phone
• Deleting unnecessary apps:
In your phone there are installed some unnecessary apps. But without any reason most of the users install this app. That they install these apps without any usage. If your android phone have unnecessary apps then you will erase these apps. If you need these apps then you can install these apps again. Because of unnecessary apps decrease your phone speed.
• Clean your storage device:
the android phone of the most of the users are filled with unnecessary file that will help to decrease the speed of android phone. In this case you must erase unnecessary file from your storage. As a result the speed of your phone will increase as well as evacuate your storage.
• Use pure memory card:
We use memory card to increase our storage. But during using memory card you must examine memory card whether it is standard or not. If you use low-quality memory card, it will decrease your phone’s speed as well as decrease your data transmission speed. In this case you can store your necessary file at computer backup and then format your memory card for further use. To get better speed from android use you must use pure memory card.
• Erase unnecessary widgets:
There are many widgets at android phone. These widgets mainly increase the beauty of your device. Without these for many reasons the user use these widgets. Most of the users use a lot of widgets. But most of the users don’t know these unnecessary widgets may decrease your phone speed. So you must erase unnecessary widgets from your phone and try to use minimum number of widgets. As a result the speed your android phone will increase.
• Erase the cache of android apps:
During using of android apps, the cache of these apps will decrease your phone speed. So you must erase the cache of your android apps. You can use app if you want to erase these cache apps. As a result the speed of your phone will increase.
• Reset data factory:
If the condition of your android phone is worse then you can reset data factory. Before reset your data factory, all the necessary information must keep in backup. Because of during data reset all the data will erase from your phone. Then setup all things of your android phone with newly.
• Control start-up apps:
We see some apps in android phone that is enriched with auto start-up feature. That means these apps will start automatically when we are starting android phone. Those who use minimum ram try to not use such kind of apps. Because of the speed of your android phone may become decrease. Besides this you can turn off the start-up of these apps automatically.
Always try to update the apps of android phone. When you get notification to update your apps, then you must update those apps. Here you can get two benefits. First, the speed of your phone will increase through update apps. You may get extra benefit from these apps and most of the time we use live wallpaper in our android phone. Using this live wallpaper the speed of our phone will decrease as well as the charge of battery will run out very fast. Another important issue your device may become slow if you start your device for long time. In this case you can restart your device. As a result, all the apps of your android phone will turn off and increase your device speed.

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