Capturing picture through mobile phone is highly used now a day. At present many powerful camera units are attached with modern Smartphone that increase the rate of capturing picture. at present most of the users purchasing a smart phone instead of point and shoot camera so that picture can capture as well as talk with others.
Some flag ship devices provide manual control so that user can change shutter speed, IOS, white balance as like as DSLR or semi- DSLR. If you count the social network mediums then you can see most of the pictures are captured by smart phone. In this reason we can say in terms of capturing picture smart phone plays an important role. So today I will give you some tips to capture picture through smart phone:
Capturing picture to change the angle
From our eye level we are captured our pictures most of the time. Eye level means that view we see through our eyes or our eyes see from that level. We are habitude to capture picture from our eye level because of from our childhood we are seeing our whole environment through our eye level. From our eye level all of the Things are appeared usual or normal.  
Capturing picture to change the angle
But if you change the eye level and capture the picture in different angle then it seems to be very interesting and the view became very exceptional. For example: you are seated in a green field and a cow eats grass. If you see the cow in normal angle it seems to be normal but if you see it different angle then it seems to be something exceptional. Here instead of cow I can give another example. But you can try through another thing. I believe that your perception is fully changed in terms of capturing photo. You can try to capture photo in different angle instead of eye level and I think you will get an exceptional picture rather than trite picture.
Thinking about shutter speed photography
Most of the users will not think about shutter speed and most of the users are not any knowledge about shutter speed. But interesting thing is that changing shutters speed you can bring change in your picture. you may have seen to the internet about the flying birds or running tiger. Have you thought how this picture is captured with constant during its movement? It is possible through shutter speed. Again you may have seen that the trail movie of vehicle lighting at night. It is also the result of shutter speed. But the main issue is that if you keep the shutter speed with larger amount then the light around you will fall with shorter amount but if you keep the shutter speed with fewer amounts then the light around you will fall for larger time in your sensor.
The term ISO is related to light
If you use ISO with larger amount then your sensor will capture larger amount of light. But if you use ISO with lesser amount then your sensor will capture less amount of light. But high ISO, attached noise with light and as a result the other terms of photography also changes with this. By the way you can change ISO from your mobile and examine it now. In mobile ISO remains auto mood with default.
Using panorama to get better quality picture
You are going to such kind of place where you are wished to capture some places in one frame. In this regard the photographer uses wide lens in its camera, but instead of this they use panorama. In our mobile although we can’t use wide lens, we can use panorama to pick picture. You can try it and I am sure that you will fill surprised to see this.
The full term of HDR is that “high dynamic range” that adds a new range in your picture
Through this process by more than one exposure through software all of those are aggregated and taking different parts from those pictures preparing a final output through manually where pictures are more dynamic range rather than normal. At present most of the mobiles provide this option and this option capture the picture in its own and also creates tune processing in its own.
At last I think that you will get better picture if you use all the steps very carefully and discard capturing the photo through eye level.

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