Smartphones brain has become idle the brain

The term smartphone brain indicates such kind of phone which is exceptional than normal phone.  Smartphone provides extra benefit from other phones. Most of the smartphones have been operated by android system. Microsoft the biggest tech giant produces the smartphone which is windows operating based. Many apps which creates the difference between the smartphone and normal phone. Using this apps many of the difficult tasks have been accomplished through one touch. But this dependency on smartphone declines the use of our brain. So the smartphone has many positive and negative sides.
dependency on smartphone
The extreme use of smartphone has become the idle of the human brain is suggested by the researcher. Because now people are reluctant to think anything where the task has been accomplished through one touch. The users of smartphone have become lost to take their decision through their own intelligence. They are depending on smartphone to take any decision. As a result their own thinking power have become decreasing day by day. To know all information they are depending on smartphone and search engine. The professor of psychological department of university of water loo Gordon Penacook says, “They search such kind of information in the search engine that they are known all the answer. They can get all the answer if they are thinking for some time. But they are reluctant to think this”.
According to the researcher, when the intelligent people think about solution of the problem then they are trying to think about the problem rather than solution. As a result first they think about the problem then they find the way to solve the problem. So various solution have come in their brain and among them they pick the best solution. The researchers conduct this research on 660 people. In this time their analysis power, the style of speech and the power of accountability has been measured. Then the researcher analysis the habit of using smartphone.  As a result the researchers show that the user who uses smartphone slightly rather than the extreme level of smartphone user can get the solution of the problem by using their brain. Most of the cases they will not take the help of search engine. The researcher says, “to solve the problem take the help of smartphone is not fault. But dependency is the great blunder, when the user most of the time take the help of the smartphone to find out solution. He or she may able to find the solution. But this dependency can hamper their happy life”. So researcher can’t tell with sure that smartphone declines the thinking power of the general people. More research has been needed to prove this.

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