Some basic information about the computer’s mother language

Here presenting some information about the “computer’s mother language” those who are new in the computer world. This information will help them to know about new things. Who has no knowledge about the computer’s language I think that this writing will help them gain some basic information.
computer’s mother language

If you accomplish any task through the computer, you must understand the language of the computer. The language of the computer is called binary. Binary is very interesting language. To learn a language, you learn vowel and consonant that means a lot of letters you learn. But computer learns two digit letters such as 0 and 1. Without these computers is unable to recognize other letter. In computer language, these two basic letters is called bit and the combination of 0 and 1 create computer’s machine language. In easy terms computer is a machine and its language are “machine language”. This machine language consist of two letters, these are 0 and 1. You only understand Bengal. But the computer has the power to convert your language its own way. To direct the computer which is required is called programming. Here I am using a keyboard to write anything which is possible for the programming. Here I click the ‘k’ and the letter ‘k’ display to the computer. This fact is possible for that the program direct the computer before. To direct the computer, preparing program is called programming. The funny fact is that using programming the programme set the program, but the computer presents its own language that means binary language.

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