Some important and amazing components for apple lover!

We are very eager about the topic of apple. Without this the quality design of the apple attracts us. But most of us don’t know about the internal story of the apple. So let’s go about the internal history of the gift ideas for apple lovers that attracts us.
• The breathing clip light and breathing LED of apple laptop
The breathing status LED indicator is the led indicator of the apple laptop which is designed for apple. It is patent design of the apple. Apple refers this patent that when the breading light remains sleep mode then it works as a breath of human.
• Smart fan
In new laptop of MAC voice detection feature has been attached where apple can detect your voice through internal fan slow speed. To detect the voice very deeply some important issues apple may be considered.
• In apple map you will get important issue
If you open satellite view through the app of apple map and if you zoom it at bigger size then you can see the sunlight, that’s the way world is round through real-time. That means you can feel the change of day and night through this app.
• The function of caps lock
In every MACBOOK year and new MACBOOK pro if you click the caps lock key, you can’t see any change. Because this protection is to keep so that the caps lock is not on in sudden touch.
In apple browser if you bookmark any website then you can see an icon or FAVICON as like as apple. Though the later version of safari it has been removed. But in the death year of Steve jobs this half icon has been showed.
• Hidden magnets camera
Before attached magnet IMAC in apple INSIGHT camera, a hidden camera has been attached with IMAC. It is performed substitute to other camera.
• Those light will guide you
Apple IPHONE only the phone that provides user slide-to-unlock facility to open the lock of phone. In the previous IPHONE the right side of this slide-to-unlock button is an arrow tail and a rail.

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