Some important apps for daily use

apps for daily use

EVERNOTE: user can use this EVERNOTE app in his Smartphone, tablet or hand smart watch. About all the smart phone is very useful to use this app and this app is synchronized automatically. This app will help you to perform app writing, checklist preparing, research, web article preparing, keeping document or file, consult with others about some tasks and so on. According to need in this app user can save or attach various office files, PDF document or picture. As well as this app will provide you to search anything with very fast. In a word through this app all personal assistant work can be done this app. User can install this app from this website for android: or for IOS
SIMPLE NOTE:  this app will help the users to perform all the tasks aggregately such as keeping note, preparing list and consult with fast thinking. Here user can keep note and for next time decorate this app through pin. Here user can keep this app through separate tag. As a result user can find the note with very easy. User can apply or use various languages and can apply remainder according to working time and note. User can install this app from this site:
Quip: this app provides some benefits such as keeping note with very easy and Fast, editing this note in that place and sharing this note with others. The app is mainly prepared for note and can perform a lot of tasks simultaneously. Preparing note for specific issue and consult about this note, transfer message in emergency situation, transfer the topics of note at docs or excel all these tasks can be performed through smart phone. User can perform task in offline and online through this app. The main benefit is that information can export in this app from Microsoft word, Google drive, Gmail, yahoo, hotmail as well as from other notes. User can install this app from this site:
Box: user can use 10 gigabyte space with free as well as keeping note. This box provides many benefits for the app such as writing note easily, keeping file, editing according to need, sharing with others, every note or file can get through word, excel, AI, PDF and PSD format. User can also prepare power point presentation through this app. This app will help you to perform online and offline file or editing of preparing note task. User can search anything with fast through PDF, power point or other format. The address to install this app:
GOOGLE KEEP: those who are using Gmail other products of the Google for those Google keep is an excellent app to keep note. This app provides users to checklist, pin the note according to need, using remainder when the work must perform.  The main benefit is user can copy any note and transfer that note in Google doc and using that note. As well as audio translation advantage through which the topics of note can record very easily. According to importance notes can keep Google doc with separately by using various colors. In this app there has no benefit to Writing note very fast, preparing the work list and writing anything emergency situation but keeping sound user can save the notes. This app can apply in all smart phones and here this app is synchronized automatically. User can install this app from this site:

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