Some issues that must be consider before buying a android phone

At present android smart phone is very familiar. Most of the users want to purchase pure standard phone. But they have no idea about android smartphone, especially for new user. So let’s start about the main issues of smartphone. Some issues that must be consider before buying a android phone.
Actually we can call android smartphone as a mini computer. The good processor will help t fiction with fast. As well as the bigger the ram, user can operate huge and the bigger applications or games. The term GPU means graphic processing unit. The main function of graphic processing unit is to process things that will come in the display, and other display whose main function is only graphic processing such as video and games.
Processor: that tasks which is performed by processor is called instraction. Before purchasing android phone the user must examine about its instracton. The processor of old phone remains ARMV6 or ARM11 instraction set through which user can unable to operate big games at present world. The information of instraction you will get from phone’s specification. The processor will high if it is ARMV7 or next. Then the next step is the structure of processor or architecture.
Processor architecture:  In ARMV7 the are five types of architecture such as: CORTEX A5, A7, A8, A9 AND A15. All the companies prepare processor maintaining these five types of architecture. Cortex A5 is very old and weak. On the other hand cortex A15 is very strong. But recent times during purchasing smart phone it is better to purchase cortex A9 processor. On the other hand it is better to purchase cortex A7 or A5. But those who are not playing games at moblie they can use cortex A5.
The another issue for processor IC NEON support. NEON is not difficult. If your phone is NEON supported then you can play high resolution game or play video.
Clock speed: the greater the clock speed, the better the performance. Clock speed measures the speed of the processor.
The another issue is whether the processor is multicore or not. Dual core means two processor and quad core means 4 processor. As well as hexa core means 6 processor and octa core means 8 processor. Precossor is not all thing. The structure of the processor is not main fact. For example the score of dual core cortex A9 is 40, quad core cortex A7 is 50 then for playing HD games quad core is better.
Ram (random access memory): in which rate our memory card or phone memory processor will work but in that rate data will not provide. That’s why data must transfer in ram which work very fast. The greater the ram the faster it will process the data. As a result phone will perform very fast. Ram has also spedd and architecture. Ram basically three types such as DDR-1, DDRR-2 and DDR-3. The speed of DDR-1 RAM is better than DDR-2 as well as DDR-3 is better than DDR-2. 512 MB RAM is not better for your better rather you can use 1 GB RAM.
GPU: In android smart phone GPU IS Main fact. The term GPU means graphics processing unit. The list of GPU is:
• First class GPU: Adreno 420, Adreno 330, PowerVR G6430, ARM Mali-T628, PowerVR GSX 544 MP4, ARM Mali-T604, NVIDIA GeForce Tegra 4, PowerVR SGX543 MP4, Adreno 320, PowerVR SGX543 MP2, PowerVR SGX545, PowerVR SGX544
• Second class GPU: Adreno 305, Adreno 225, ARM Mali-400 MP4, NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 3), Broadcom VideoCore IV, Adreno 220, ARM Mali-400 MP2, NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 2), PowerVR GSX540
• THIRD CLASS GPU: Adreno 200, Andreno 205, Andreno 203, Mali 400, Tegra, PowerVR 531.
Here class is not means all. Most of the games operate in third class GPU. The better the GPU, user will get the better performance. So  if it is possible then user shall purchase new GPU.
The related topic is GPU is screen resolution. Pixel is depending on resolution. So strong GPU will need if phone resolution is high otherwise phone will perform very slow. Another issue is all the GPU is able to play HD video. But for 1080P HD video needs second class GPU.
Display: display is very important issue. At present in market user can get amoled, retina, IPS or LCD display. In this display picture quality/brightness/angling view/clearness/sharpness is very important.
Screen size: another important issue is screnn size. If you like big screen then you can purchase 5”-5.5” or if you like little sreen then you can purchase 4”-4.5”.
PPI (PIXEL PER INCH): if PPI is low then user will not expect better graphics. But the greater THE ppi, the higher the price of the phone. It is better to purchase PPI more than 250. The greater the phone resolution, the greater the PPI.
Touch: at present two types of touch are found in the market such as capacitive and restitive. It is better to purchase capacitive technology based phone.
Protection: there will no possibilty to scratch in the phone screen if the phone has pure protection. Among the protection is corning grilla glass 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation etc.
Camera: most of the users think HD video recording only depends on camera sensor. But 720P and 1080P video recording mainly depends on pure GPU and CPU. Camera sensor performs only recording picture or video.
Memory: if your phone has no SD card slot then it will better to purchase 16/32GB internal mass storage phone. SD card slot is better for your phone. During purchasing SD card slot then obviously purchase CLASS 10.

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