Some quick tricks to learn from see video tutorial or read the book.

Some quick tricks to learn:
Start learns with a plan: To learn something starts with a plan. A goal is determined with the reality. It may be one week, one month, six months, or more than one year. Note for everyday for which amount of time you are learning and you can keep dairy everyday when you start from learning, which topic you covered and when you end.
Learn everyday regularly: Continuity is very important to learn something. It is not fair to learn something the first day of the week and you are not giving any time in the six days of the week. So you must give the same amount of time every day.

Practice daily: That you see or learn from tutorial practice daily for some time to see that that issue whether performs properly or not. If you face any problem then share with course teacher, expertise or social media friends.

Mapping video tutorial: It is the nice trick to learn something quickly and implement according to need. A large number of video are presented in a video tutorial and every video discuss the huge small size of issues. When you see video one by one that note every video that means which video discuss which amount of time keep note through text document. These notes will help you in emergency time.

Prepare little size project: Applying your creativity that you learn every day, create some little size project. Share with your social media friends that you prepare or post in the forum or share with code pen site.

Preparing summary:  That you learn, write the 2-4 lines short note. This short note will help you one day. This note you can prepare your own website or social media page.

Your practice code and other important notes store in cloud: The source code of practice, project, and other important notes stored in the cloud so that you can use it any time.

That you learn if it possible share with other through preparing video: The main way to learn is that learn other. When I learned HTML and CSS for that which not I prepared, those note I shared with everyone. Many faults have come for sharing with them and I learn many things from this fault.

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