Some security tips for android phone operating system

At present most of the users prefer android phone operating system. There have also some security tips for android phone. So let’s go some security tips of android phone.
• Screen lock:
In your device must keep screen lock. In terms of android device screen lock is the primary security system. It will save you from changing customized setting and information supply.
•  Android device root:
Most of the uses root his device for various reasons. As a result you can use many apps or install apps but it will not alarm you in terms of using risky app. The device may become risky situation to install various risky apps. The rootless device is more secure than root device. So to root your device think carefully about its advantages and disadvantages.
security tips for operating system android phone
• Using personal device for institutional task:
Most of the users use personal device for institutional task. It is very risky for the user. Before access in personal account or official account through personal device think carefully. Because from your device your personal information and official information may become hacked.
• Unknown source:
Don’t install or download any app from unknown source. In this reason there is a highly possibility to damage your device. From unknown source virus may become enter in your device. At present various malicious malware are spread around us.
• App locker:
In google play store you will find various app locker through which you can lock your app. As a result no one can use your app in the absence of you. As a result your information keep save.
• Android device manager:
If you are activate your android device manager then you can easily find your mobile through google map. As well as you can erase all the information before it is going to an unknown person. You can activate android device manager from device administrator setting.
• Don’t keep personal information in SD card:
It is unwise to keep your all information in memory card. As a result if your device are lost then all information will go to an unknown person. Personal information you can keep internal memory. You can erase all the information through android device manager.
• Device encryption:
To keep smartphone from cyber hacker, it is the easiest way to start device encryption option. It is necessary to see whether device encryption option is present or not. But in android mobile such kind of option is not present. So the user must download this app. As well as it is necessary to take such kind of software that give security in your mobile. If you keep your mobile encrypt then for every logoff and logon a password will want from you that can’t know without you. As a result your valuable information will remain secure. If your device has lost those who get this a password will want from the person when he on-off the phone. As a result no one can hack your invaluable information.
• Talk with producing company:
Talk about security with the customer care from those brand you purchase. They will help you to give you some secured software.
• Off autosave feature:
When the goal of the hacker is to hack your phone then it is better to you turned off autosave option. By getting advantage from this option hacker will hack your password and valuable information more easily.
• Using public WiFi:
Public wi-fi is not usually secured. This place is the main target of the hacker. Be careful when you are using wi-fi at university, shopping mall and any public wi-fi.
• Erase browser history:
It you give you more security and it is very easy task. After using internet erase your browser history. As a result your information will remain secure.
• Using tracking app:
To save your device from cyber culprit install tracking app. It is very easy to you when your device will lose. If your device is lost with important information then through tracking app you can retrieve your information.

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