Some tips to secure your smartphone

Your smartphone is very valuable than your money bag. Sometimes it is performed as a laptop. Here many personal information and password are stored. But we are the people are not careful to secure this phone. Every day in London about 314 has been lost or stolen. So let’s go how to secure your smartphone.
how to secure our phone
Update software daily:
Always update your windows and operating system of your mobile. As a result phone producing company can give your stolen mobile through examine network.  It is very tough but it is not impossible. Besides this if your software is updated then you can turn off your mobile through security code.
Using screen lock:
In every smartphone there has a option of screen lock. Through pin, password or pattern lock you can lock your phone. From the security setting of smartphone you can start the option.
Install antivirus software:
Another cause to disclose the information is that virus. It can damage your device as well as it can disclose your all information. Virus is the threat for device. So for security install antivirus and update it daily.
Using password for apps:
You can use apps lock in your device through extra security management. From Google play store you can install apps lock for messaging security. You can’t use extra password for using this apps.
Active android device manager:
If your mobile has been lost or stolen then you will get your mobile for the betterment of android device manager. Besides this if your mobile has been activated then you will call continuously 5 minutes as well as from remote place you can delete your information. To know whether android device manager is active or not you must go settings from security. From device administrator of security setting you can activate device manager.

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