Submit url to google search engine & site indexed by google

First, go to your site to create a sitemap. To create the empty backstage sitemap of your site by clicking on the name of the Finnish and Wait. Please wait a moment when you are ready to download sitemap of your site by uploading the file manager to keep downlink.
google indexed pages
Then go here. Then to add a site click. Simply click on the box with the name of your site. If you are a self-hosted sites, but the process is effective. So you may see a file upload your hosting route or www folder, click Verify. Oyapaka or without hosting sites, such as those who use the alternative mode options by clicking on the HTML tag of such a code would look like in your meta name Copy hide your site Click to verify down. Now the real work arrived. Webmaster by clicking on the name of your site to see when you enter such submit a sitemap page and click on the link to upload and submit first enter the empty box apart from the main domain. If this is the link to the portion just have an empty box.
Then the URL of your desired page. Do not take the entire URL. The next part of the main domain name. For example, the URL of your desired page , then you have just FETCH with this part of my-new-page, click the option.
FETCH was successful if you see the option, if it is successful, the following screen will show as Complete. After successful you click submit to Index this option. After clicking this option, a pop-up will appear with two options. Where you have to pick what you want to index only certain pages or the pages of the Internal have links to the pages you want indexed coach. Generally, you’ll want to index the page, in the previous pages have been indexed to the already caught. Internal links are basically the request for indexing the site’s content and structure of the major changes brought about. Internal link to a webmaster account you can request Index of 10 times a month, while the index only certain pages in order to be able to request 600 times.
Go to and click on Select. This method is indexed pages in approximately 10 minutes. May sometimes be a delay in the cases we do not want to take any risks, we will make 500 sitar backlink on our site and we’ll keep this page seoget-2500-backlinks.

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