Tab for blind people is called BLITAB

In 1924 when the brail system was invented then it opened the door for the blind people. Today and at present millions of blind people communicate with knowledge through brail system. But in this technological era they are lag behind than others. So for the blind people a special tab has been made. The news is informed us big think. The project has been initiated by the BLITAB organization. This organization has been started by three Bulgarian entrepreneurs and they are mainly worked for blind people to design the tablet. Liquid-based technology has been used in this tab and it has been prepared on the basis of e-book. As a result of this technology various little size bubbles have been created in the display. A blind person can easily collects the information through put his hand.  The USB port has been attached in this phone. As a result a user can easily read any types of document or PDF file. This file can be converted to the brain easily. The tab of BLITAB is not only for the text file but also from the web page to map all these things have been used easily. A user can write in this tab by using the special keyboard. At this moment for the blind people some technologies have been come but these are very costly said by the co-founder of the BLITAB called slave. He thinks that BLITAB is the revolution technology. The size of this tab has been changeable and we are easily made map as well as picture and various geometrical sizes. BLITAB can be easily used as learning elements for the students. Already BLITAB has been created humor among the user. Some certificates and awards have been gained by BLITAB. They are able to create attract the royal national institute of blind at United Kingdom. BLITAB needs some time before the marketing of this tab commercially and some examines are also needed. But the founder hopes that within 2016 BLITAB will see the light and also showed the light to the blind people. 

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