Technology causing depression & negative effects of internet

Internet and computer are the main impetus of present world. Most of the people have passed their 24 hours with computer and the internet. The darkness remains under the light. So the problems are also involved as well as some benefits. At present, we are tired to some problems of computer and internet world.
Email spamming: The spam of email account is very irritating for the user. Though at present the spam mails have been deposited in a spam folder, but it is not comfortable. But the problem there when your friend informs you that spam message has been sent from your account. You may think how is it possible?? Yes, all things are possible because of your unawareness. If you get such type of information, you will think that your account is attacked by malware.
Email spamming

Changing a password: At present hacking is increasing at an alarming rate in social network site. So we are vet aware of protecting this id. In this chance, some hackers tell you that your account password has been changed. To protect this click this site. Then you are losing all things if you click the site. So be careful such type of message.
Changing a password

Fake antivirus message: The severe problem for a computer and smartphone is that fake antivirus message. The funny matter is that those who are very careful about their device, they fall such type of problem. When you visit any website then a pop-up window says that you are attacked by malware. To escape this problem scans PC with free and if you scan pic to hear their mouth of words then your all information will go to them.
Fake antivirus message

Website pop-up: You are using Facebook and at that time a new page has been opened in your browser or you are getting a pop-up message that you are getting an award. Then with full eagerness you click the message and your all information will go to them. But the pop-up message is very irritating for the user and you can stop this from browser setting to disable pop-up windows.
Website pop-up

Browser toolbar: Browser toolbar may become during some freeware installs or unverified download. Because in before the browser toolbar is become checkmark for installation. You must uncheck all the toolbar so that they can’t add with a browser. It is very difficult to remove permanently.

Browser toolbar
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