The all hatred the internet invented & invention of internet explorer

The all hatred the internet invented & invention of internet explorer:
• Pop up add invention:
The founder of pop up add is ETHAN JUKERMAN. When you enter any web page then before loading the full page which adds is SHPWED is called pop up add.  Pop up add is made for to show their vital add to induce customer but 75% time visitor see unrelated add which is irritated for all.
First real virus invention:
The world’s real virus invented by the programmer name rich SCRINTA. In 1982 which virus we saw, that virus was examined and less detrimental.
• Capture invention:
Manual balm, john Langford and LUIS VHONHEN these three computer scientist was invented capture. We know this CAPTCHA is more irritating for the internet user as well as audio CAPTCHA is also very irritating.
To fill up a CAPTCHA takes 10 seconds and every day we must fill up about 200 million CAPTCHA. As a result the user must consume 5 LAKH hours for this CAPTCHA.
• The internet limitation of area based:
This limitation was invented by BODENHOUSEN. All contents and videos of internet are not for all. To see these contents and videos you must use proxy server or VPN.
• Cookies usage:
Before the invention of internet cookies whether the visitor visited the place or not can’t be understood.  In 1994 low MONTLY invented cookies for net escape. In some sectors these cookies are very important. But for web privacy it is able to break the rule.
• Spam invented:
In 1978 THUWEROK has sent 393 spam messages to sell the computer and he is able to sell some computers. Last decade this method has been used to sell or promotion. In 2011 from the opinion of anti abuse group most of the mail about 90% mails was spam.
• Cyber trademark:
Other organization or entity is trying to do for you through online domain and through cyber trademark trying to do as a trust company. But it is a cyber crime. Dennis TOPEN in 1995 bought the domain of 100 famous corporations and then he sells afterwards. After 1999 for legality customer trademark law has been created.

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