The amazon founder jeff bezos and more unknown information about world’s largest e-commerce site’s founder

All of you heard about the Jeff Bezos. Amazon founder jeff bezos was the founder of world’s largest e-commerce site Amazon. He is the father of online shopping. The main contributor of is only one Jeff Bezos. He was the first who established and started online shopping.  
At present Jeff Bezos is the world’s 21th rich person. The amount of resources of Jeff Bezos is 28.8 billion dollar. But from which position Jeff Bezos was come we don’t know. So today we know about the life style of Jeff Bezos from which we get inspiration.
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The person who nurtures Jeff was not his real father:
The childhood name of Jeff Bezos was JEFFREY PRESTON JORGENSENLIT and born in 12 January, 1964. The name of his father and mother is GISS JORGSEN and ted JORGSEN. They become divorce after the one year of their marriage. Then his mother again married a person called Miguel MACK BEZOS.
He gets inspiration from his grandfather:
The grandfather of Jeff Bezos called LORENCE PRINSTON who was the regional director of us atomic commission; his contribution is huge in the Jeff’s life. Because of this grandfather Jeff falls with the computer and changed his life totally.
Jeff was great attraction in any issue:
Jeff Bezos was a hobby that was Jeff Bezos always tries to understand about the performance of any things and repair any damage product. In this issue he is always go ahead from others. His childhood dream was to work with firmament.
Jeff was a very creative person:
From his childhood Jeff was a creative person. He always emerged himself to create new things such as in his childhood he made robot, electric alarm, and hover craft etc. he used this alarm as a security system.
His high school life:
During the studying oh high school Jeff was able to prove himself a very talent and skilled student. First, he is starting to read Princeton University in physics but after that he is studied in computer science and electrical engineering.
The great philosophy of his life:
In 2010 he told a story of his own life during speech at Princeton University. When he told about his smoking, his grandmother felt very sorrow. Then his grandfather told, “Jeff, one day you understand it is very difficult to become kind than clever”. This speech is proved with extreme in his every space of his life.
Join the office:
In his first stage of life Jeff joined a telecommunication company called fettle. That company sustained only two years. Then he joined bankers trust and after that he joined a firm called D.E.SHAW an investment management. This firm was Wall Street.
Fall with a love and then marriage:
In D.E. SHAW Company he had a friend called MACKENGY BEZOS. During perform in this company he fallen love with her. Then they become married in 1993. At the same time they made a plan for
The number of children of Jeff Bezos:
In the life of Jeff and MAKENGY, they had three sons and one daughter. But the daughter was not theirs. They brought this daughter from china.
To take initiative establishing Amazon giving up job:
Once upon a time Jeff was decided to start Amazon Company. In this time Jeff was the vice president of D.E.SHAW Company. He gives up the job to start Amazon. In this tome he rents a house and he starts work with Amazon with his first employee SHELL KAPAN.
The name Amazon is not come within one day: is not within one day. That means when Jeff was thought about online shopping then it was not Amazon. At the first time it was known as a CADABRA or Then its’ new name is This name mainly generated from the largest river of Africa Amazon. The design of logo is an arrow symbol from A to Z. Jeff wants to show about this symbol is that people get all types of products from this site.
Jeff believed in little task:
In his personal life he believed “two pizza rules”. He believes that if a team is not satisfied to give a two parts of the pizza then it is very big task. In his side it is better than independent thinking rather than aggregate the opinions of all then take decision.
He is very frugal person:
In his practical life he was very frugal. His characteristic has been expressed from the starting stage of During work in garage he prepared a table from wooden door. But funny issue is that still now the wooden door of is the do-desk model.
Jeff was very kind person:
Jeff was not only a businessman but also a very kind person. One his employee wanted one million dollar from for same-sex marriage and that time Jeff gave him 2.5 million dollar. From this we understand that he is a great man.
Jeff doesn’t like idleness:
Jeff was more conscious about his company. He was very competitive mind and he didn’t like idleness of the employee of his company. He always searches for his company a very hard labor and competitive mind employee.
The tragic accident of his life:
In 2003 Jeff faced a great airplane accident and in this accident he was severe injured. From that time Jeff discarded airplane.
Buying Newspaper Company:
Jeff Bezos in 2013 bought a newspaper company in 250 million dollar. Through this he became the headline of many newspaper and news.
Many more hobbies:
I told before that Jeff was a hobby to work with aerospace. In 2010 he established a space company called blue origin. This facilitates the people to travel atmosphere at low cost.
The next project of Jeff:
The latest project of Jeff is “Amazon prime air”; there he has been used drone to supply his products in various countries of the world. Although federal aviation administration still not approved his project because of there is no permission to use drone for commercial usage. But Jeff is hopeful that within some years he will start his project.

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