The best latest smartphones 2017

Everyday new latest smartphone has been entered into the market to wonder the customer. Last month apple bought two new smartphones. Again Google has also bought nexus phone.
Other smartphone producing companies have also bought new smartphones. Business, celebrity and technology based United States business insider recently has been published about the catalogue of 18 smartphones. At present the internet user in the whole world is 5 corers. As a result the use of smartphone has been increasing day by day.
iPhone 6S:
Among the best chart the new smartphone of apple iPhone 6S is one of them. Before to theotheriPhone, iPhone 6S provides better service. Progressive camera, high speed working activity and the 3D touch technology based brings this phone in a top chart. It is also familiar as a size of 4.7 inches. The price of this smartphone is 649 dollar.
iPhone 6S+:
The smartphone of the apple that come in simultaneously is iPhone 6S+. IPhone 6S+ takes the place among the heart of apple lover who loves the big size screen smartphone. IPhone 6S+ provides developed technology, graphs and unique technology than the latest galaxy note of Samsung. Camera and finger print scanner bring this new iPhone 6S+ smartphone of apple in the top chart. The price of this smartphone is 749 dollar.
Samsung galaxy S6:
Those phones of the Samsung galaxy series come to the market Samsung galaxy S6 is one of them. Samsung galaxy S6 has been prepared by new diagram and new metal and the glass. Rather than the other phone of galaxy series, Samsung galaxy S6 has been released in the market with developed. Samsung galaxy S6 has 5.2 inches display. In Samsung galaxy S6 has some unique features and among them start the camera through press the home button many times and the latest condition of the heart bit.
Samsung galaxy note 5:
If anyone wants to use big screen android smartphone, he or she can use Samsung galaxy note 5. In this smartphone have unique camera and the screen that go ahead Samsung galaxy note 5 than the other phones. Even Samsung galaxy note 5 provides the facility to decorate own through the Samsung stylize android version. Through the usable pen of Samsung galaxy note 5, anyone can write anything accomplish the task with fast if the screen light has been turned off. As well as new technology called “Samsung pay” has also been attached with Samsung galaxy note 5. The price of this smartphone is 700 dollar.
iPhone 6:
Among the top chart iPhone 6 is one of them. IPhone 6 is very attractable for the apple lover, if the apple lover wants to use iPhone. The size of iPhone 6 is same as the size of other phone of the apple that exists in the market. The price of this smartphone is 549 dollar.
iPhone 6 Plus:
Last year the phones which were released by the apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ were one of them. The android operating based of various brands of big screen smartphone iPhone 6+ is one of them and who wants to big screen size smartphone iPhone 6+ is suitable for him or her. The price of iPhone 6+ is 649 dollar.
In the top chart the other 12 smartphones is:
·         Samsung galaxy 6S ACE.
·         Galaxy 6S ACE+
·         Moto X pure
·         One plus 2.
·         HTC ONE M9
·         GOOGLE NEXUS 5X
·         NEXUS 6P
·         MOTO G(3G)
·         Microsoft LUMIA 735
·         HTC ONE M8 for windows.
·         Black berry classic
Black berry passport.

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