The definition of a network interface card & functions of network interface card

Functions of network interface card:

When connecting to a network, your computer will use its own form of communication, the network interface card, or NIC for short. A network interface card controls all of the wired or wireless connections of your computer, in order to exchange information’s with other computers or the internet. Basically a network interface card is a component inside the computer that allows it to connect to a computer network.
It is a piece built into the computer and is connected to a router via an Ethernet cable. How it works is that it’s connected to the router which gets supplied data from the internet service provider or ISP for short.
network interface card
So what does the network interface card do?  It changes data into something which can be used by the Ethernet cable to sent to another computer. This also converts data being given in a way that the CPU can use. This is the concept used to send emails with attachments. Through the Ethernet cable, information can be sent to another computer. To make it simple for you, the network interface card is like a telephone, when you connect it to your service provider they actually enable your phone settings and the ability to call other people, kind of like connecting your phone to a telephone network.
If that still doesn`t make sense to you, think of the network interface card as Facebook or any other social network. The social network enables you to talk to a whole network of people in contrast, or even think of your simple power box at home. In this case this is like a network interface card which gets power from the provider to give to the appliances at home.

For many of the PC gamers out there, this is the one thing that they much desire, a good network interface card, for superiors internet speed and online gaming.

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