The easy system to close the “seen option” of Facebook.

One of the main cause to create conflict in facebook is that seen option. Suppose  you send a message to your friend but he only sees the message and put the message without answer. Through seen option u know the real story. Thus conflict and worth create between them. This type of example is uncountable and  occurs every moment. I am also fall this type of condition. I know you are also fall this situation in somehow. So you can stop this irritating seen option from facebook. Today I also stop this option from facebook as well as share this tutorial with you. You can easily stop seen option from your facebook. The tutorial that I share with you, only for firefox and google chrome browser.

The process of stop seen option in firefox:
·     First click on BISHANATH and then the name of unseen Add-on install your firefox browser in perfectly. Now if you see anyone message, he/she will unable to know that you already see him/her message. If you want to start seen option then disable the name unseen Add-on from the menu of tools > Add-on > extensions of firefox.
The process of stop seen option from google chrome browser:
·         From your google chrome browser click BISHANATH.BKK and install the name of FB unseen Add-on  Now your task is accomplished. No one can see your seen option in facebook.  To start this option, you can see a new icon on your browser and through that you can do this. Today is end. I hope that  you will feel good this little tricks. Comment on your good or bad experience. Thanks.  Before It gives here.

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