The ethical problem when dealing with the latest emerging technologies

For the last 30-40 years, the latest emerging technologies have modified our lives forever. It has altered the way we react, the way we socialize and even the way we conceive children. Let’s take stem cell research, for example, it is intensely mediatized and has emerged a lot of political, scientific and religious conflicts.
We are on the frontiers of technological breakthroughs that are as revolutionary as anything that happened during the Industrial Revolution. The new emerging technologies is a matter to important to be left merely to the scientists and the techno geeks, ethicists and theologians have to be involved in these discussions. In the question whether we should do it, what will the impact be on human relationships, if we let this new emerging technologies like robots take over the place of spouses?
The problem is that, when conversation ceases to be had about what are the possible consequences of these emerging technologies, and today this advancement is just happening on an almost exponential fashion. So we need to hit the pause button, and the scientist need to be careful and start to consider some of the ethical consequences of what they`re doing and draw into the conversation, partners from other disciplines and not just from their own.
We should ask the question, should we let these emerging technologies take over our life and do nothing about it? The scientists need to reach out and engage this problem they have with emerging technologies, and talk with the technical community on this issues, and they need to understand the limitations of hard science in answering this ethical and moral questions.
They need to spend time and effort in understanding our culture, and understanding God`s word, but not only God`s word, but God`s world, and revise this scary emerging technologies.

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