The number of descargar whatsapp users is 90 corers!

What’s app is familiar to all as a messaging app. Now it is known to all that the owner of what’s app is Facebook authority. Now news has known to all that the monthly user of como descargar whatsapp users is 90 corers. The technological based website senate tells us about this. 
The chief executive of como descargar whatsapp JANE KOM tells about the user of 9o corers of what’s app from a Facebook post. Only 5 months ago the user of what’s app was 80 corers. Last year broke the all history of Silicon Valley Facebook authority bought this app at 19 billion dollar. After that the user of what’s app increasing day by day. In august 2014 only 60 corers people had been using what’s app. At the starting of 2015 the number of users became 70 corers. In April the number of users became 80 corers and now it is 90 corers. But it takes long time to reach at the same level of Facebook. The number of users of facebook is 140 corers. But in this time what’s app takes the leadership than twitter and Skype. The twitter authority says that the user of twitter is 30 corers which is less than como descargar whatsapp
The co-founder of facebook and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg gives congratulations to whatsapp authority from a Facebook post. The journey of what’s app starts from 2009 and besides messaging free voice SMS has been send by what’s app.

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