The origination of network- the history of internet summary

The origination of network: Technology brings a rapid change in network world. To go ahead this change is very difficult. But all network professionals must aware about this change. The network of first stage was mainframe based. Various terminals have been attached with mainframe computer. The line which is attached with the computer is very long and the mainframe becomes connected from long distance. This modern network has been originated from two networks such as semi-automated ground environment (SAGE) which is used connecting govt. computer of radar station in UK and Canada. It was accomplished in 1958. Then in 1960 the researcher of Massachusetts institute of technology invented the compatible time-sharing system (CTSS) in IBM mainframe computer. As a result the users of same mainframe computer are able to perform the same task with long time. Then the modem has been attached so that the users can be connected through dial.
First dial-up service was used in 1964 with American airlines network which was commercial based. The reservation system of IBM was connecting 2000 PC in 65 towns only using two IBM mainframe and telephone line.  Here through the terminal of every town the user can research reservation related. Various queries have been processed through central mainframe computer.
history and origination of internet

The history and origination of internet: When all universities and private companies try to expand their network through mainframe computer at that time the defense department of USA concentrates to build up their own network. In sixty decades the defense department of USA adopted a project which was advanced research project agency (ARPA). The objective of this project was to build up computer network so that during war and the communication has become unbroken from one military base to another military base. This network is called Arpanet. Within 10 years it has been connected some different universities and within 1971 it established 23 nodes. The main use of network was e-mail receive and send.

Internet shows us how to connect various networks and how to include whole world under this network. Internet is not only a network. It is the network of all networks and the world’s biggest network is that an internet.

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