The positives of technology in society | How science useful to us

The positives of technology in society has been considered the best of human knowledge in understanding natural world using observable as well as experimental evidence.  Technology deals with application of scientific knowledge when working. Therefore, science and technology are necessary for one to achieve what he or she is doing. Most of the people in the world have benefited from this field of science and technology, hence depending on it in everything they do for survival. The following are some of its advantages.

The knowledge of science and technology has improved communication worldwide. The rate at which information is spread among individuals is high. Because information can cover the shortest time to reach many people hence making the world to be a small village. The invention of good means of transport also depends on science and technology. It has led to modernized infrastructure, hence easy transportation of goods plus human beings. Many people are able to access education wherever they are without attending classes due to introduction of E-learning in the world. From the research, it is true that in the medical field some diseases are simply managed using this knowledge.
Furthermore, man has also used the knowledge of science and technology to reach the moon without difficulties. This shows that, it makes everything in the eyes of man to be possible. That is why the world of entertainment has all changed just because of science and technology. One can be entertained through watching television, games in the computers and visiting home theatres. Although, anything that has benefits also has demerits but for now the losses are of less importance to us, hence keeping in mind that the field of science and technology has made life comfortable, secure since we can detect  any danger that comes our way any time and finally, life is more enjoyable to all.  

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